Adventure Beast Season 2 Release Date Updates: Will There Be a New Season?

Netflix Original, Adventure Beast, is a widely popular adult comedy anime series. Created by Mark Gravas and Bradley Trevor Grieve, the story follows the real-life story of a wildlife expert and an ex-military man, Bradley Trevor Grieve.

The nickname of the main character of the show is BTG, the short form of Bradley Trevor Grieve. The creators have beautifully and humorously have presented the wildlife in the animation form.

The blockbuster anime hit the screen on 22 October 2021. The anime comprises a total of twelve episodes. 

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The anime series received a positive response from the fans but, it failed to get a good IMDb rating. It only scored 5.2 out of 10.

However, fans are crazy about the show. The fans are desperately waiting for the second helping after the huge cliffhanger in the first season. If you are a fan of the anime series and willing to know more about the second part of the series, you are in right place. 

Here is all the information you need to know about Adventure Beast Season 2.

Adventure Beast Season 2 Release Date Updates: Will There Be a New Season?

Netflix or the production team has not officially renewed the Adventure Beast for the second installment yet. What does it mean? Whether Netflix has canceled the second installment of the series?

No, folks, don’t be sad. Netflix has not canceled the series yet. 

Now the Question Is, Will Netflix Renew the Series for Adventure Beast Season 2?

Well, Season 1 of the series ended with a big cliffhanger. At the end of season 1, Dietrich seemed dead. Given the ending of the first season, the fans deserve season 2 as they need a satisfactory ending of the series.

We have to look at more things for considering, whether Netflix will renew the series for the next installment. For the renewal of any series, Netflix considers the viewership of the series and source material. 

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The anime series has gathered substantial viewership, and numbers are increasing day by day. There are high chances of a renewal of the series.

Adventure Beast Season 2
Adventure Beast Season 2

If we talk about the source material, there is no source material left for the second installment. However, real-life BGT has ended. However, there is an official announcement for book 2.

The announcement has given us hope for the second installment of the series. We are hopeful that there are still a lot of fascinating stories which the creators need to cover.

However, nothing is officially confirmed. We have to wait for the official confirmation. So fingers crossed.

We will update here once the official information comes.

Adventure Beast Season 2 Cast 

As Adventure Beast is not renewed for season 2 yet, the cast is also behind the curtains. However, the main voice character of the show, Bradley Trevor Grieve, will reprise its role as BTG. The next important character, Dietrich, the assistant of BTG, will be voiced by Josh Zuckerman.

Rest of the voice characters who will reprise their respective role are as follows:

  • Bonnie as Danice Cabanela, 
  •  Piotr Michael, who has given voice to numerous characters in different episodes like Jimmy Janes, Major Bardrich, Danny Wilde, Bertrand, and Cheese Hermit. 
  • Rachel Butera, who has also voiced diverse characters like Ngaire, Peggy, and Babs
  •  Dawn Fair has also voiced various characters in numerous episodes like Bunny, and Cheese Goblin’s Wife.

You may also see new characters who may be voiced by new voice actors. Well, the above are just predictions. We have to wait for the official confirmation. 

Adventure Beast Season 2 Plot

In the first season, Bonnie and Dietrich went on a wildlife adventure to understand the animals and save them. The trio came to know to learn about numerous things and was able to meet numerous animals. They also had to face several hurdles in their adventure. 

In the end, something bad occurred to Dietrich. We saw a hippopotamus carried off the Dietrich somewhere. When the BGT and Bonnie tried to trace Dietrich, they were unable to find him. 

The creators have not revealed the plot for season 2 so far. However, it seems that the second season will begin from where the first season concluded. Bonnie and BGT will continue the search for Dietrich in season 2 and they will also begin a new adventure to learn more about animals and save them. 

Whatever happens, it is sure that we will see more, humor and adventure in Adventure Beast season 2. So, stay tuned for any official information.

Adventure Beast season 2 Trailer 

The creators have not given a green signal to Adventure Beast Season 2 yet. So, Folks, do not expect the trailer soon. Once there is confirmation about the second helping of the series, you will get to know it here only. 

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