Ozark Season 4: Is It Returning? Renewed or Canceled!

Welcome back fam! Today we have our favorite thriller series back with a brand new season for us. Ozark has finally decided to release its fourth season and part one is going to be released on 24th January.

For now, only part of the series is going to be released and the second part will be released on a different date.  As far as we know the third season ended on a very tense note.  Wendy and Marty were fully involved in the sudden death of cartel life after the sudden death of Ben.

We also know that Ruth has been separated from Byrdes after the Betrayal he received from them and it has created a lot of mess for everyone to clean up. As of now, we know that no one is going to be out of this mess.  

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Ozark has left the fans with so many questions in their mind like will Ruth ever be able to forgive Wendy and Marty after the death of Ben? Will Wendy and Marty ever be able to go legit? Will it actually help Navarro if she sleeps with Byrdes? And a lot of other questions that are unanswered. So here let’s dive in and see what we have gathered for you.

Ozark season 4 Trailer

The full trailer of the 4th season of Ozark season was released on 6th January. This trailer showed that Wendy and Marty would be thinking that they will be able to get out of the situation. However, there are some problems with the Navarro Cartel, and if they were getting involved in that it would put them in a fight with Ruth.

And other than that what is the actual problem. And other than that the Byrde kids are also going to get involved in a lot of actions and that is going to make things a lot crazy.

Ozark season 4
Ozark season 4

Delivery was released after the teaser of the final season was released in the month of November. The first trailer of the fourth season was just a reminder to show us what all things will be going wrong in this family.

Ozark season 4 Release Date

It has been announced by Netflix that the 4th season of Ozark is going to be released on 21st January. So mark the date and add this to your watchlist so that you can watch this amazing crime trailer back to back.  

Ozark Season 4 First Clip

Jason Bateman has shared a small clip of the 4th season of Ozark. As only the first part of Season 4 is going to be released this clip was released at the TUDUM festival that was held in September 2021. The first look showed that Byreds was cleaning the blood from their clothes and faces and it looked like he was at the mansion of Navarro. And yes it looked like they were leaving the real life of the cartel. 

Ozark Season 4 Cast

As per the deadline of November 2020 we know that a lot of cast members were added to the 4th Season.  Javi Elizonndro will be played by Alfonso Herrera, and he will be a  member of the Navarro family. He will be seen acting as an obedient lieutenant who will be seen planning to take possession of the cartel.

Adam Rothenberg will be playing Mel Sattem. He will join the show as a cop who will be seen working as P.I. of Veronica Falcón, and Ali Stroker will be seen playing the role of sister of Cartel.  

Other than the above-mentioned characters we will also see that Felix Solis will be playing Omar Navarro. Along with him Damian Young, who will be playing Jim Rettelsdorf.

CC Castillo will be seen as Sheriff Leigh Guerrero, Bruno Bichir will be seen as Navarro’s priest, and Katrina Lenk will be seen as Clare Shaw. Garner, Sofia Hublitz, Bateman, Linney,  Skylar Gaertner, Jessica Frances Dukes, Charlie Tahan, Lisa Emery, Joseph Sikora, and John Bedford Lloyd, will be returning to the show as well.

Where can we watch the show?

The full season of Ozark will be released on Netflix on 21st January 2022 other than that all of the 3 seasons of Ozark are also available on Netflix directly so do add it to your watchlist and watch now if you haven’t yet. Till then Stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates while your favorite shows and favorite characters.

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