Jeremy Clarkson Reveals France’s Reaction To His Multiple Driving Offences

The Grand Tour will have a comeback this December and is shared by the host James May and Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, the presenters (hosts), are once again coming back to experience and explore the French Cars. Yes, Folks! The Grand Tour will again knock on your doors this December.

It is scheduled to release on 17th December on Amazon Prime Video. The Grand Tour is named Carnage A Trois, where hosts explore not amazing but wearied french cars. 

Recently, the promotional event was held about the Grand Tour, and one of the Hosts of the show, Jermy, revealed a few of the most interesting facts about the event.

Jamie said out of all the places in World, Frace is one of the most favorite places due to the country’s least driving restrictions. He said he could drive according to his likeness in the country as he loves to drive with all the risks.

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Jeremy further said one had not to bother about getting stopped again and again in France. He also said he very much admires French shrug as they do not fuss to aid you.

He further shared that if the Police stop you, you must beg them to leave you, and they will let you go. He said that it seemed that the officials were not concerned or cared much about the rules. Because of all these reasons, he loves France so much.  

He told that he was also caught by the police numerous times. However, as he said, he requested the Police and they let him go. 

Jermy told that he enjoyed roaming in France more than any other Place, and he had spent most of his traveling time in France. He also praised the country for its attributes like food, wine, and beautiful scenery.

Explaining more about France, he said he had visited other parts of France, like the south and southwest. He found those places utmost mesmerizing except Paris. He added that Paris is somewhat weird for him but, other than that, he like France for every bit of it.

Jeremy’s Experience in France

Jeremy shared that he loves the people and culture of France. He said he really likes how people there are rule-breakers and do what they wish to do. The French do not accept the rules made by the government and are always ready to break them.

Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson

The French love to burn the street camera so that they can easily break the rules without getting caught.

Problems Jeremy faced in France

Jeremy told that he faced a lot of problems when he was executing his project, Diddly Squat Farm, a hotel owned by him in France. He told that he want to renovate a lambing shed so that it could fit 60 people at a time. However, his Neighbours stated legal proceedings against him to stop him.

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Mr. Dewar, who shared that place, began that proceedings. According to him, the place did not have much crowd, and if any hotel or bar was started, a lot of people were going to be there by 11 p.m.

According to him, that will destroy the scenic beauty of the place. Further, it seemed to him that if Jeremy got permission for it, the opportunity of agriculture in that place would be lost forever. 

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