Misremember a Christmas Story What About an Erika Jayne Story

It is of common knowledge that, “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” has given the greatest storyline in this season in all the years that it has been aired.

What is also known to all is that in between the process of the shooting of the season, one of the members from the cast of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, Erika Girardi has filed for divorce from her husband Tom Girardi, much like the story of the mighty person who in addition of being an attorney is also a Democratic political donor whose fate lead him to court and which inspired “Erin Brockovich” and who was charged with embezzling and stealing a big amount of money from his clients.

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Probably, you have spent this year following the scammer story of Erika Jayne as featured on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And we presume that you are very well versed with Tom Girardi’s alleged scheme of embezzlement, which involved channeling around $20 million as consideration for her company.

Given the excitement around the series, we believe that you would obviously have been following the depositions of the court that Real Housewives reunions have turned into. 

Erika Jayne’s Story

The alleged embezzlement of money and this whole cheating episode by Tom Girardi, in which he alleged channeled a whopping $20 million for her company. The fellow Cast members of Girardi were highly surprised by the much-unanticipated event of the marriage of the two coming to an end.

A Christmas Story
A Christmas Story

This sudden development has made a perfect recipe for being the hot talk and garnering more talks and attention than the season itself. Queries and conjectures are floating all around as to how much of it was of common knowledge to Erika and how much involved is she in the scheme or is she involved at all.

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The first and foremost reason behind this is that the matter caught the public eye and was in news in every form and manner.

It is the inquisitiveness to know the not so popular side of the popular things that have made People get and collect every detail about the whole story and also want to get the idea as to if the women of ‘Beverly Hills’ can or should rely on a fellow mate who kept her disturbed state of personal affairs including the relationship with her husband hidden for so long.

Fans cannot hold themselves still and want every piece of information floating around and hence are not missing on even a single word even remotely related to Erika’s on-screen crying and appreciating the new housewife that is Sutton Stracke for making the awkward interrogatories.

So evidently, this obviously is bringing a lot of issues and negative impacts in form of regular troubles in her life. The discussion above boils down to the burning question which is that, What now?

The two reporters Matt Hamilton and Harriet Ryan from Los Angeles Times have been the essential part of it all along. The said reporters have a comprehensive list of allegations against Tom Girardi, the advancements made by him in his custodial account and bankruptcy cases, and also to the effect as to where Erika Girardi fits in all this messy puzzle.

A lot will be seen developing in the case down the lane and we might see some shocking revelations along with the motion of the case and what lies in fate for Erika and where will all this lead her life to. All the updates in the case will duly be made here by us so keep in touch and stay tuned with us for some shocking revelations.

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