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Mad Max Furiosa: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Mad Max Furiosa is an Australian post-apocalyptic action, thriller, and sci-fi film series that is directed and created by George Miller. This action film is going to be the fifth installment in the Mad Max franchise. Mad Max Furiosa will be a prequel focused on a younger version of the Imperator Furiosa character. This film series has lured millions of fans to watch out for all its franchises and made this eye-watering to all the viewers out there. Now, the fans of this movie are curiously looking out for the fifth installment that is Mad Max Furiosa and viewers want to know when the fifth installment will arrive and who will be the part of the upcoming series.

This sci-fi series has been one of the most loved series throughout the world and has been continuously in demand by the viewers. This series has been rated on several rating platforms like IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and Common Sense Media and has managed to get a very decent score on all rating platforms. Moreover, it also marked good on profit scales. This has lured the creators of this movie to work upon the next installment of the Mad Max Franchise. We are sharing all the updates. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about this thriller story.

Mad Max Furiosa: Release Date

As of now, the makers of the series have not announced anything official regarding the release date of this series but knowing how quickly Furiosa became a favorite character of millions of fans and expectations are high for the upcoming spin-off. However, specific details about it remain scant at this time but day by day we get updates about its release date and small information as well.

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Earlier, the makers of this series have announced that it will hit the screens in 2023 but there are some changes on the release date for the Mad Max Furiosa. As per the report, the makers have pushed off the release date for a year and it is set to arrive on 24th May 2024 which was expected to hit the screens on June 23rd, 2023 earlier. This means it is almost delayed for a year but the creators of this series have not disclosed the reason behind its delay.  

Mad Max Furiosa: Cast

Still, this fifth installment is in the early phases of its development hence we do not have actual data of the casts of this series. It is being speculated that few new members might be added to the board of casts and many of the notable members will be retained for this installment. However, we are sharing a list of the casts and their role played by them in the series. Continue reading to know the characters and their roles in the series.

  • Anya Taylor-Joy as Furiosa
  • Yahya Abdul Matee
  • Chris Hemsworth

Though, Furiosa will undoubtedly be the star of the show when Taylor Joy fills her boots. Apart from this, it has been confirmed that “Thor” leading man Chris Hemsworth and Candyman Abdul Matee will be the lead characters in the upcoming series. However, at this time we have very little information about the cast and it remains unclear who will be playing the roles of heroes and who will be playing the role of villains and once the makers announce anything official about the casts then most surely we will announce the same at earliest. So, keep an eye out for this section; makers might update the list of casts at any time.

Mad Max Furiosa: Plot

At the moment, we do not have any core plot for this series. However, Mad Max mastermind George Miller has confirmed that it will be a prequel that explores her origin before being disrupted by the villainous Immortan Joe and the story will take place over multiple years. 

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We will likely see her living in the Green Palace with the women of the Vuvalini and that will lead to the scene of kidnapping and will result in a fight with the war boys. However, these are only predictions and we can get the exact plot for this installment once the makers officially disclose it which is going to be another waiting game for all of us who are eagerly waiting for it. Though, if we get any official plot for the series then we will update you. 

Mad Max Furiosa: Trailer

As we have mentioned that the fifth installment is still in the early phases of its development and it has been postponed for a year as well hence, we do not have any official trailer for it and it will not be available for a while because of delay. We can expect the trailer along with a teaser in 2023 or 2024. The day makers announce any official date for the trailer or if they drop the official trailer, we will update this section at the earliest so keep visiting this as updates might be dropped at any time so that you do not miss any latest updates.


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