Samurai Jack Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer

Cartoon Network is primarily responsible for the amazing childhood that we all have. Dexter’s Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, and Star Wars: Clone Wars have been some of the most-watched cartoons of the time. The brilliant creator, Genndy Taratakovsy, bought for the cartoon network lovers another brilliant cartoon called Samurai Jack in 2001. The show has been running ever since. Its fifth and final season premiered in 2017 on the cartoon network. However, some news is prevalent for Samurai Jack Season 6. Therefore, we have brought you Samurai Jack Season 6 updates.

Samurai Jack Season 6 Release Date

Samurai Jack season 4 came in 2004, which ended with multiple loose ends. The fans of the show we’re hopeful for the finale, which did not come in 12 years. Finally, it was released in 2017, and the story of Jack got a closure satisfying the fans of the show.

While the end of season 4 was a declared prediction of season 5, whereas season 5 has ended on a good note tying all the loose ends revealing that there won’t be season 6.

The creator has revealed that he would not be working on Samurai Jack season 6.

What is Samurai Jack All About? 

Samurai Jack is a mythological cartoon that follows the rivalry between a warrior prince and an evil named Aku. The show begins with an unusual fight between the two which lands the Prince in a future portal. Unfortunately, the only weapon that could kill the ancient evil was a sword that the Prince owned. So to save his life, the evil uses his magical powers to transport the Prince into the future.

This future was nothing like the Prince’s old regime. But he realizes that he has to face his new reality, and so he takes the name of ‘Jack’ and the further seasons of Samurai Jack follow the life of the old Prince figuring out his new life.

Samurai Jack Season 6

The first four seasons of the show have a lighter tone in terms of characters and storyline. The fifth season occurs five decades after the finale of the fourth season. The final Season shows how the Prince and his nemesis get tired of fighting each other as no one can win over.

The show has made a more excellent approach towards politics and rebellion in the future. It has also portrayed the psychology of both sides well.

In the finale, we saw Prince succeeding in going back to his world while also defeating Aku. Jack’s connection with his daughter was one of the significant breakthroughs leading to Aku’s end. 

Even though the show was created in 2001, it has well portrayed the future scenes and technology. In addition, the storytellers have done justice to both versions of time. The fifth season was one of the best seasons and gave the show’s fans a well-deserved closure.

Is Samurai Jack Season 6 Not Happening?

Taratakovsy has declared that he would not work on another season of Samurai Jack. However, it is not something to be disappointed in. We never knew if Samurai Jack season 5 would come. If the creator could take 12 years to create the season finale, who knows that we might witness some other season of Samurai Jack in 10 or 15 years.

Even if Jack’s story has closure, some other characters might have their own story to tell. So it seems like Samurai Jack season 6 will happen some years later.

As there is no official news regarding the same, we would not tell you to bind your hopes. Anyways we would always bring the latest updates for you.

How Popular is Samurai Jack?

Samurai Jack is one of the most brilliant productions of Cartoon Network that not only portrays science fiction with the fantasy but also brings futuristic technology along with supernatural characters. Unfortunately, the show has mostly been under the top five cartoons. However, it has been nominated in multiple categories and has won in more than 20 categories and eight Primetime Emmy Awards.

Samurai Jack Season 6 Trailer

Samurai Jack season 6 is not even the closest list of discussion. So there is no trailer for it. 

You can always watch previous trailers for seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. You can also start the show again to refresh your memories.

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