Wes Moore Will Be The First Black Governor Of Maryland. In Florida, The First Gen-Z House Member Was Elected, And More

The midterm elections this year are historic. Wes Moore was chosen as the first Black governor of Maryland, and he is the third Black governor nationwide. The first lesbian governor of the nation was elected in Massachusetts during an election year featuring a record number of LGBTQ candidates,

and New Hampshire voters chose the first transgender man to serve in a state legislature. Younger generations and women have received more representation in the outcomes so far, with the first female governor of Arkansas and the first Gen-Z member elected to Congress among them. Here are a few of the pivotal moments from the midterm elections in 2022.

First Lesbian Governor Elected In The Nation

  • In a year with a record number of LGBTQ candidates, Maura Healey, a Democrat, was elected governor of Massachusetts, becoming the first lesbian governor of the nation.

Maryland Elects First Black Governor

  • Wes Moore, a Democrat, won the Maryland governor’s contest, becoming the first Black governor of the state and the third Black governor to be elected in American history.

First Gen-Z Member Of Congress

  • As the first member of his generation, Gen-Z, Maxwell Frost, a Democrat, gets elected to represent Florida’s tenth congressional district.

Arkansas Has Its First Female Governor

  • Republican Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a former press secretary for President Trump, is elected as Arkansas’ first female governor.

First Trans Man In State Legislature

  • The first transgender man to triumph in a state legislature election was James Roesener, who was chosen to represent New Hampshire in the legislature.

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