Trey Lance Girlfriend: Who Is Brynn Chandler?

Trey Lance is widely regarded as one of the game’s brightest future stars at quarterback. San Francisco’s 49ers are expecting big things from the third overall pick in the 2021 NFL draught, and he could be their franchise quarterback.

However, despite being ranked behind Jimmy Garoppolo, Lance still managed to play in six games during his rookie season. His girlfriend, the volleyball player Brynn Chandler, regularly comes to watch him play. The couple has never hidden their romance, and Brynn has been a vocal advocate for her boyfriend online. Learn all there is to know about Brynn Chandler, girlfriend of Trey Lance, right here.

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Who Is Trey Lance Girlfriend?

The circumstances surrounding Trey Lance’s romantic life are peculiar. At first, there were rumours that he was dating Colin Cowherd’s daughter Liv. But in July of 2021, when Lance and Brynn Chandler showed up on social media together, the rumour was put to rest once and for all.

On July 8 of last year, Chander confirmed their relationship by posting a photo of the two of them to Instagram. Despite their social media presence, Lance and Chandler have rarely discussed their relationship in depth. While Lance was learning the ropes in the NFL with the 49ers, Chandler was off pursuing her own interests.

Chandler, who is a few years younger than Lance, is still a student at the University of Georgia. This star volleyball player is also a senior majoring in Communications Studies. There isn’t a tonne of information available, but what little there is provides some intriguing insights into Brynn Chandler’s life.

This is her senior year of college, and she hails from San Diego. Football fans will also be intrigued by her past. Chris Chandler, her father, was an NFL quarterback for 17 seasons. At the 1998 Super Bowl, he led the Atlanta Falcons to the championship game, where they were defeated by the Denver Broncos. Chandler, however, does not only inherit her athletic prowess from her dad. Diane Brodie, her mother, was a tennis player at the University of Southern California.

Chandler’s grandfather, John Brodie, played quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers from 1957 to 1973. Although Chandler began playing volleyball at a young age, he didn’t commit seriously to the sport until high school. Before joining the Bulldogs as a walk-on freshman, Chandler led two high school teams to the USA Junior Nationals and was named Third-Team All-American.

Three times during her time in Athens, Chandler has made the Southeastern Conference’s (SEC) Fall Academic Honor Roll. Chandler’s popularity extends beyond the realms of volleyball and academia. Approximately 12,000 people are now following her on Instagram. Chandler does not hesitate to show her support for the 49ers as a team, but she does not often share photos of herself with Lance. She doesn’t shy away from sharing her love life in these photos, which are usually saved for Instagram stories.

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Trey Lance Girlfriend Brynn Chandler’s Net worth

eople aren’t just interested in knowing whether or not Trey Lance has a girlfriend, or even who that girlfriend might be, but also what her net worth is in 2022. The Future Fiancee of Trey Lance (2022) Experts speculate that Brynn Chandler has a net worth of $10 million.

What Is Trey Lance Girlfriend Height?

The average height for a woman of Brynn Chandler’s age is 5 feet 11 inches. It’s clear that Trey Lance’s girlfriend is a hot topic, as are other details about his life. Consequently, this article will aid you in learning who Trey Lance’s current girlfriend is in addition to other information. Follow our page to find out the most recent information about Trey Lance’s girlfriend.

What is Trey Lance Girlfriend Age?

Brynn Chandler is presumed to be 23 years old, given that she was born on January 20, 1999. Keep checking back here for the most recent information.

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