Did Blackpink Renew Their Contract: Comeback In 2022?

The Korean news outlet Insight published an article on September 17 detailing the four reasons why fans are contemplating the prospect of BLACKPINK disbanding prior to the renewal of their contract. First, after making its debut in 2016, BLACKPINK will be entering the contract renewal season with YG Entertainment in 2023.

Fans are still cautiously bringing up the possibility of BLACKPINK disbanding, despite the fact that the group has been climbing the ladder of fame ever since its debut. There are several reasons for this. Second, fans of K-pop, particularly BLINKs (the fandom of BLACKPINK), have expressed their alarm about the fact that the group is getting dangerously close to breaking the dreaded “7-Year Curse.”

The majority of contracts that idols have with their agencies are for a maximum of seven years. During this period of time, it is common for groups to disband or for a member to step down from their role; hence, the moniker. did blackpink renew their contract?

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Internet users were particularly anxious that BLACKPINK will follow in the footsteps of their senior group 2NE1, who broke up in their seventh year despite being at the pinnacle of their success in 2016.

Second, some fans were concerned that the music video for “Shut Down” featured a significant amount of footage from their earlier big songs, such as “DDU DU DDU DU,” “Whistle,” and “BOOMBAYAH.” Some listeners have speculated that BLACKPINK’s song “Shut Down” is meant to be seen as a celebration of the group’s remarkable career thus far. did blackpink renew their contract?

Following this, supporters had the impression that the four-person team was coordinating their final endeavours before disbanding. Fourth and final, Jennie, a member who has been rumoured to be dating BTS V virtually every day since May, has aroused debate about whether this would become a significant variable when she renews her contract. Jennie has been a subject of these rumours since May.

Will BLACKPINK Beats ‘7-Year Curse’? Here Are Reasons Group Might Renew Contract

On the other hand, the vast majority of BLACKPINK’s fans believe that there is no valid justification for the group not to renew their contracts with YG. This is due to the fact that there is a positive outcome for both parties involved.

Because of BLACKPINK, YG Entertainment was able to maintain its company position despite the disbandment of 2NE1 and the sabbatical of BIGBANG, despite the fact that BLACKPINK was the reason for the early exposure of BLACKPINK in the K-pop industry. Second, the group that consists of Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé has already created a bond that is similar to that of a family, which makes it difficult to break up. did blackpink renew their contract?

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Not only amongst themselves but also with their dancers and producers, including Teddy, the members of the group maintained tight relationships with each other. As frequent noise is made surrounding the disbandment and the renewal of the contract, attention is being paid to the question of whether.

BLACKPINK will have the ability to be reincarnated as a long-lived idol just like Girls’ Generation if it is successful in renewing its contract. On the other side, BLACKPINK finally made their much-anticipated comeback on September 16 with the release of their second studio album titled “BORN PINK.” did blackpink renew their contract?

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