Daniel Espino Has Been Appointed By Governor Ron DeSantis To Serve On The School Board Of Miami-Dade County

Florida Daniel Espino was selected to serve on the School Board of Miami-Dade County, according to an announcement made by Governor Ron DeSantis on Monday. Tuesday is the first day that the designation will be in effect. Because School Board Member Christi Fraga decided to run for mayor of Doral, which is an election that would have a runoff the following month, DeSantis was able to appoint Espino to the board.

The runoff election will take place in the following month. The law in Florida that requires candidates to resign from their positions in order to run for office mandated that she step down from her position on the School Board before the inauguration of the new board members on Tuesday.

According to a news release issued by the governor’s office, Espino is both a partner and an attorney at the firm of Bercow Radell Fernandez Larkin & Tapanes Law. In addition to his current position as head of the South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, he served on the municipal council of Miami Springs in the past.

Espino attended the University of Miami for his undergraduate education, earning degrees in political science and religious studies. He then went on to Nova Southeastern University, where he got his law degree.

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