Maia Crime Gay? All We Know Abot Her S*xuality?

The s*xual orientation of Maia Crime is a popular topic of interest, and many individuals are constantly searching the Internet for more details about her. The big question: Is Maia Crime a lesbian? It is perennial, so we dug into the literature to find the answer.

Swiss programmer and hacker Maia Crimew, aka The Arsonist, uses a variety of online monikers. Crime got his start in IT at an early age when he made the initial edition of Lawnchair Launcher, an extremely popular Android app launcher.

Not only did she locate a copy of the No Fly List among her leaks, but she also leaked important information from big companies like Intel and Nissan. Let’s go s*xy and read about Maia Crime. Here we will discuss that did maia crime gay.

Is Maia Crime Gay? What Is His S*xuality?

Wikipedia contributors have conjectured that Maia Crime identifies as non-binary. Here is what the homepage of her website ( says about her: My name is Maia Arson Crimew (it/she), and I’m a tiny lesbian kitty with a thing for other women.

“I know a lot about programming, music, and cyber security, yet I still attempt to accomplish all those things at once.”

You may help me with some ko-fi if you enjoy what I post here or on my social media accounts. The footer contains navigational links to all of my active projects. Wikipedia has the details you need if you’re interested in learning more about me seriously.

There is no other information available regarding her s*xuality. We’ll pass it along if we hear anything new on this front. No prominent person was meant to be insulted. Only their followers have been curious enough to ask us about this.

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