Are Ben And Camille Still Together From Below Deck Season 10?

Despite Bosun Ross McHarg’s repeated attempts to sink his boatmance with Deckhand Katie Glaser, the tenth season of Below Deck has seen the development of at least one other relationship. Deckhand-stew-turned-only-stew The names Camille Lamb and Deckhand When they first met aboard the superyacht St. David in Saint Lucia, Ben Willoughby had an instant connection with her.

The flirtation began as soon as the two people met each other. Alissa Humber, also known as Second Stew, was unsuccessful in her relentless pursuit of Ben after Camille began twerking for him on the first night of their date.

Fans are waiting to know whether or not Ben and Camille are still together after Below Deck season 10 because it appears Camille may be sacked from the show shortly. At the beginning of 2022, the showmance couple continued to publish images on Instagram of themselves being amorous while filming together.

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Are Ben And Camille Still Together?

The Below Deck couple from season 10 While working on the superyacht St. David in the Caribbean, Ben and Camille continue to upload images of themselves beaming with affection for one another. Before episode 8, Ben released a new picture to his Instagram account of him and Camille engaging in a tongue embrace. A week before, the Mississippi blonde stunner had published yet another romantic shot on her Instagram account with the comment, “love is in the air.”

Camille’s on-screen adversary may have let the cat out of the bag by revealing that Camille and her boyfriend are dating, even though the couple has been careful about acknowledging the present status of their relationship. When confronting Ben for protecting Camille from fan insults for being lethargic on the show after episode 7, Alissa accused Camille of being racist. Ben had defended Camille.


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“[You’re] living in an illusion [because] your girl is racist as [bleep] and doesn’t want a black woman to give her two assignments at the end of the night, and she doesn’t want a black woman to do that for her. Alissa shared with Ben that she had “never once tried to manage her” and that the only time she had ever assigned responsibilities to her was “at night” [based on instructions that had been pre-approved by Fraser].

It would appear from Alissa’s letter and the two of them posting couple images together that Ben, who is 27, and Camille, who is 24, are still dating. On the other hand, the two may be simply teasing an ongoing romance to boost their status.

Ben And Camille Long-distance Relationship On Below Deck Season 10

“He hails from Australia, located on the other side of the world. It is just not possible for us to keep going on like this. “But certainly, for the time being, I like to keep it at the fact that I like him,” Camille remarked regarding her crush on the actor who played her on-screen boyfriend. However, she did tell Ben at a team meal that she wanted to share her life with someone now, and she questioned them if their relationship and feelings were genuine. This took place when they were eating together.

“Are you kidding me? “Ben responded that “It is for real.” In the end, the two got together that night, much to Deckhand’s dismay. Tony Duarte made several attempts to sleep in the bottom bunk. “Right now, I have a serious crush on this girl. Oh, Ben. The question “What are you doing?” Ben said in a post-production monologue in episode 7.

Ben And Camille Long-distance Relationship
Ben And Camille Long-distance Relationship

“I haven’t experienced anything like this in a very long time. The Australian sailor, originally from the Gold Coast, continued, “I’ll tell you I’m in a fairly happy place right now.” Ben shared his confession with Camille on the show, telling her, “I’ve been alone for two and a half years, and [bleep], you’re the first female I genuinely cuddled in a long time.” Camille was shocked by Ben’s statement.

While Ben has returned to his home in Australia, Camille has settled in Florida. Fans will most likely have to wait until the reunion episode of Below Deck season 10 to find out whether or not these two have defied the boatmance odds and are still together. It’s more likely that the long-distance relationship was the cause of the breakup. A lot of people are still rooting for the adorable couple.

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