Alec Baldwin Children: How Many Kids Does He Have?

After announcing their seventh pregnancy in March, Alec and Hilaria Baldwin welcomed their seventh child, Ilaria Catalina Irena, on September 22. “The birth of our child has been a tremendous source of joy for us.

An unexpected boon in these troubled times, “said Hilaria on Instagram right before she gave birth. After telling their children that another family member is on the way, Alec and Hilaria shared a video of themselves playing with their existing children alongside a lengthy commentary.

“We thought our family was complete, so you can imagine how thrilled we are by this news. I’m going to show you the moment we broke the information to the kids; as you can tell, they’re ecstatic! “the health and fitness expert wrote.

The pair frequently displays family photos, including a Thanksgiving 2022 gathering shot of their large brood. When she posted the picture, Hilaria and Alec were sitting on the couch with their seven kids, but only three were looking at the camera. In this article, we will cover everything about  Hilaria Baldwin and alec baldwin children.

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Alec Baldwin Children


Carmen Gabriela

Alec and Hilaria got married in 2012, and just seven months later, in 2013, in August, they welcomed their first child into the world. And on August 23, 2013, Hilaria welcomed her daughter Carmen into the world.

Hilaria shared a sweet snapshot of Carmen with a caption from 2017 in which she expressed her desire for a younger sibling. “Carmen has long craved a younger sibling. She told me she was sick of waiting and would have the baby for me by stuffing a doll inside her clothing. However, I am the mother, and she is the older sibling. “Those words were from Hilaria’s pen. Alec Baldwin children.

Rafael Thomas

Rafael was born to Hilaria on June 17, 2015, making him her second child and first son. In January of that year, the couple shared a snapshot of their family on the beach, including Hilaria’s pregnant tummy, to let everyone know that Carmen would soon have a younger sibling.

The experience left an indelible impression on Alec, who praised his “hero” wife at the time. “While someone else does the heavy lifting, you provide support. You sit there and say, “I’d do anything if it would help you out.” “His words.

Leonardo Ángel Charles

The next year, on September 12th, 2016, Alec and Hilaria gave birth to their third child, a son. Shortly after giving birth, Hilaria captioned a photo of herself cradling her son, “It was such a great day bringing him into this world.” According to Alec’s Instagram caption, his father gave him the moniker “Leoncito” right away, even though Leonardo (or Leo) is his more common name. Alec Baldwin children.

Romeo Alejandro David

On May 17, 2018, Romeo was welcomed into the family, joining Carmen, Rafael, and Leo. He is the third son and fourth child overall of Hilaria and Alec. The parents had been considering different names for their son until virtually the day he was born when they finally settled on Romeo.

Hilaria told PEOPLE at the time, “He didn’t have a name for two days.” “And throughout the pregnancy, we were set on the name Diego, which I still adore. My kids were all waiting for Diego because I informed them he was on his way.”

Eduardo ‘Edu’ Pao Lucas

On September 8, 2020, Hilaria and Alec became parents for the fourth time to Eduardo, a son. The pair took to Instagram the next day to share the exciting news of their new arrival, whom they have named “Edu.” Having experienced two miscarriages seven months apart in 2019, Edu’s birth was described as a “blessing” by his mother of six children. Hilaria often shares adorable pictures of Edu with his younger sister.

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María Lucía Victoria

Six months after Carmen’s sister Edu was born, Carmen finally got the little sister she had always wanted. On February 25, 2021, the couple’s sixth child entered the world via surrogate. Hilaria introduced her daughter, who she calls “Luca,” to the world in an up-close photo and an emotional post on Instagram. Her name is Maria Luca Victoria. They are “very in love with our daughter, Lucia,” she gushed. You are a miracle, just like your siblings and sisters. Alec Baldwin children.

Ilaria Catalina Irena

As reported by PEOPLE, Hilaria and Alec are expecting their seventh child in March of 2022. “We are a good team. Therefore, we had that phrase engraved on our wedding bands. At home, we constantly reassure one another of our stellar teamwork. “In an exclusive statement, Hilaria and Alec share their news with PEOPLE.

For my kids, seeing their hearts expand with each new sibling has been one of the most heartwarming aspects of our large family. After two miscarriages and a pregnancy loss in 2019, Hilaria finally got the news that she was pregnant. Alec Baldwin children.

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