Witchbrook Release Date: Does It Have A Gameplay Trailer?

witchbrook release date: Witchbrook, which was first revealed all the way back in 2016, is an upcoming life simulation and social RPG in which you play the role of a witch attending university (you could call it Big Witch Academia). Created by the same independent firm that published Stardew Valley, similarities to that game are obvious. Like Stardew Valley, this game has pixel art, farming, relationships, and magical combat against forest monsters.

Your destiny is to succeed your forebear as the resident witch of the tranquil seaside village of Mossport, if all goes according to plan. There’s a good chance that Witchbrook, along with Eric Barone’s Stardew sequel Haunted Chocolatier, will be the next big thing in the cozy life simulator genre. The game has risen to the top of Steam’s wishlist. What little information we have is outlined below.

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Witchbrook Release Date?

Witchbrook has been in development for a long time, but its release date is still unknown. The earliest we can hope for this is 2023. Chucklefish claims that development on Witchbrook initially began in the programming language Rust before shifting to an in-house engine developed for Wargroove.

Given the early 2019 release date, it’s safe to assume that Witchbrook’s development began (or was renewed) in earnest after Wargroove was completed. Another explanation for the sluggish progress was offered by Studio Chucklefish in an AMA on Reddit in 2022: “Chucklefish is a zero-crunch studio.”

The independent studio received backlash in 2019 for developing Starbound with unpaid volunteers. In a statement, Chucklefish didn’t quite acknowledge fault but did add, “Chucklefish has developed tremendously into an indie company that has a strong emphasis on excellent working procedures, offering a pleasant atmosphere for all employees and freelancers.”

witchbrook release date
witchbrook release date

The Witchbrook development team was silent for quite some time, but we finally have some new information from them now. Chucklefish added fresh pictures, features, and information to the game’s Steam page in June. There’s a “wishlist” option for the game if you’re very enchanted.

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Does Witchrbook Have A Gameplay Trailer?

Really, you wouldn’t believe it, but the answer is no. Okay, so… Earlier in 2017, Chucklefish released a short video of Witchbrook in its pre-isometric iteration, before restarting production on a new engine. We haven’t even seen a teaser trailer yet, and that doesn’t even look like the game anymore.

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