Who Is Cordae? Is He Still Together With Naomi?

who is cordae: American rapper, singer, and songwriter Cordae Amari Dunston (born August 26, 1997), better known simply as Cordae (previously YBN Cordae and Entendre). The release of his remixes of well-known tracks, such as Eminem’s “My Name Is” and J. Cole’s “1985”, helped him rise to prominence.

The official music videos for both remixes were posted to WorldStarHipHop’s YouTube account, where they received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the mainstream media and the internet rap community almost immediately. The Lost Boy, his first studio album, premiered in 2019 to critical acclaim and was nominated for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song for the single “Bad Idea” at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards. From 2018 to 2020, when he officially left the YBN collective and changed his name to remove the “YBN,” Cordae was a member of the YBN collective. who is cordae.

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Cordae Early life

Born in North Carolina, Cordae eventually settled in Maryland. He became interested in music at a young age after hearing his father play early hip-hop pioneers like Rakim, Nas, Big L, and Talib Kweli. Around the time he turned fifteen, he started writing raps. When he was older, he started looking up bands and musicians on YouTube in an effort to discover music like his dad used to listen to.

Dunston’s desire to make a living as a rapper developed as he got older. He put his schoolwork first but was frequently sidetracked by composing song lyrics. Three mixtapes, “Entendre” – Anxiety (2014), “I’m So Anxious” (2016), and “I’m So Anonymous” (2017), were released during his adolescent years (2017). In 2015, he completed high school and enrolled at Towson University. As a first-generation college student, he felt overwhelmed by the demands of higher education and ultimately decided to drop out in 2018. Afterward, he uprooted to the City of Angels. who is cordae.

who is cordae
who is cordae

Cordae Career

In early 2018, Cordae decided to devote himself fully to his rapping profession. When in Los Angeles, he connected with online friends YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay. After hearing a song Dunston and his brother Simba had recorded, Nahmir reached out to Cordae. Only Dunston had not been exposed to the rest of YBN through a video game. He decided to go by “YBN Cordae” instead of “Entendre” because he already felt a part of the group. He added that he had long considered changing his name from Entendre: “Nahmir and shit were like my siblings, so I spent a lot of time with them.

Even so, I’ve been thinking, yo, I need to alter my shit to like, Cordae, and shit, my actual first name. Even without the social label, I was already a “YBN.” “. Following a period of turmoil during which he and Cordae stopped speaking, YBN Nahmir announced on Twitter on August 6, 2020, that the YBN group had disbanded. After consulting with YBN Nahmir, Cordae decided to delete the YBN from his stage name. Cordae dropped a new song titled “Gifted” on August 27th, and Roddy Ricch was featured on the track. who is cordae.

Cordae Net worth

The fortune of the well-known American rapper YBN Cordae is estimated to be $3 Million. Wikipedia, Forbes, and IMDB all put YBN Cordae’s net worth at around $3 million, making him the highest-earning rapper in the United States. Cordae is worth $3,000,000, as we’ve already established.

Def Jam Records recently stated that they had signed Cordae for three singles, a deal worth five million dollars and that the contract would expire in December 2024. Once the contract expires, it is expected that Cordae’s net worth will multiply ten folds. In that event, you can rest assured that we will keep you apprised. Cordae currently resides in a rented Los Angeles, California, house. The latest celebrity news is coming soon, so stay tuned. who is cordae.

who is cordae
who is cordae

Are Naomi And Cordae Still Together?

Not true, contrary to what you may have heard. In early August 2022, there was widespread, irrational conjecture that Naomi and Cordae (formerly of the hip-hop duo YBN) had broken up, but this turned out to be not the case.

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Cordae Personal life

Cordae worked at a Maryland T.G.I. Friday’s before dropping out of college. He “hated” No Jumper, he informed Adam22 of No Jumper, and he had always had a feeling he was meant for greater things. In 2016, Cordae took part in a Black Lives Matter protest, during which he rapped to the crowd about the problems he had seen in his community.

Dunston and American professional football player Kenny Stills were both jailed in Louisville, Kentucky in July of 2020 during a Breonna Taylor protest. He was wearing a t-shirt that read “defund the cops” while he watched the women’s singles final at the 2020 US Open. The couple, who met at a Los Angeles Clippers game in 2019, are expecting their first child together. who is cordae.

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