Paula Abdul Photoshop Fail: “Completely Different Face” In New Photos

Paula Abdul Photoshop Fail: Yikes! After posting a series of images to Instagram from her friend Kathy Hilton’s Christmas party, Paula Abdul was accused by followers of a massive Photoshop fail. It’s safe to say that @kathyhilton’s annual holiday bash is the most spectacular of the year.

The 60-year-old ex-American Idol judge said, “Merry Christmas!” in the post’s caption on December 26. I pray that today finds you enjoying time off work, attending parties, and spending quality time with loved ones. Many warm wishes for the holidays.

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Some commenters on social media applauded Paula, while many others pointed out her physical flaws and claimed she had used photo editing to make herself look much younger. Totally different person here,” one commenter put it.

Another user commented, “Where is Paula?”. In contrast, many others speculated that the “Opposites Attract” singer’s Instagram had been compromised. Someone else took Paula’s Instagram photo because “that’s a different face” A fan asked, “Did the account been hacked?” and another wondered the same thing.

Paula Abdul Photoshop Fail
Paula Abdul Photoshop Fail

Exactly who am I staring at? The photographer captured the dancer and other partygoers as she posed in a sheer, dazzling dark green costume and gold high heels. Paula chose not to issue a public response to the barrage of allegations.

During her scheduled appearance on The Wendy Williams Show in October 2019, she denied ever having plastic surgery on her face or body “I told myself, ‘This is it; I’m starting residency.

The San Fernando, the California native, stated, “I want to, you know, do something.” However, I wasn’t prepared for a complete facelift’s extensive scarring and recovery time. I discovered a business by the name of InMode that offers treatments known as FaceTite and BodyTite.

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One of the things I liked best was that it leaves no scars and requires no disruption to the patient’s daily life. Downtime? Two or three days later, I was out and about.” Paula mentioned her concerns about “skin laxity and gravity” before their session

. She pointed to her face and said, “So, I wanted a sleeker jawline and… look.” She won an MTV Video Music Award, but nearly two years later, she admitted that she had breast reduction surgery because her implants were too big. Paula said, “With my height, I’m small,” in an InMode commercial from May 2021.

I had smaller breasts, but the more I danced, the more strain was put on my back, so I got implants about twenty years ago. The passage of time and the effects of gravity made me feel like [they were] getting too big for my frame, so I finally decided to have the old implants removed. Paula’s representative did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Life & Style.

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