Letterkenny Season 12: Already Been Filmed?

Letterkenny Season 12: Without a shadow of a question, the show has become one of Hulu’s most popular offerings and the most notable on the streaming service. In its eleventh season, the show’s recent finale hinted at further narrative depth, new thematic territory, and compelling character development. As a result, there’s been a lot of talk about an early renewal from fans of the show. If you’ve been wondering the same thing, you’ve found the right site. All the information you need to know about the show’s current filming situation has been put here for your convenience. All the information we have so far about Letterkenny Season 12 is below.

Is Letterkenny Renewed For Season 12?

The network has not yet made an official announcement about Letterkenny Season 12. The episode “Degens,” directed by Jacob Tierney and written by Jared Keeso and Jacob Tierney, served as the 11th season finale. Even if the network acknowledges the potential launch date, it has not yet been officially confirmed.

Considering that Episode 1 of Seasons 8 through 11 aired on Christmas Day in Canada, it’s possible that Episode 1 of Season 12 will also air on Christmas Day in 2023 on Crave. This would mean that on December 26, 2023, Hulu would follow suit with the other original shows and release episodes in the United States at precisely 12:01 a.m.

The show’s most recent season only ended a few days ago, so any rumors or speculation regarding a return seem pretty premature. On the plus side, it seems that production on the season is now wrapped up. Letterkenny Season 12.

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While Hulu has yet to renew Letterkenny for a twelfth season, Canadian streaming service Crave looks to have done so. Numerous cast members have shared set photos, suggesting a very likely new season.

On Instagram on September 8, 2022, Jacob Tierney, who created and directed the series Glen, discussed the upcoming filming of Season 12. One of the many long Twitter threads, including the cast’s behind-the-scenes photographs from the Season 12 set, can be found on The Produce Stand podcast; we’ve included one here for your convenience.

Letterkenny Season 12: What To Expect In The New Season?

Our program has expanded at its speed, which is excellent. Tierney said as much to Entertainment Weekly earlier this year. “We got our start as a nice little act, with nobody paying us any mind, and thankfully, we continue to live that way.

In other words, we’re free to pursue our interests. ‘I don’t think we feel pressed to do anything other than make a fantastic performance,’ he continued. “After this many episodes, it’s easy to lose track of yourself and wonder, ‘Oh my God, are we phoning this in?'”

What, you don’t find this amusing? But if we can keep each other inspired, I believe we can do the same for our audience. Yes, there have been moments when we’ve glanced at each other and wondered, “Are we going to do more?” Good, then let’s keep going.

There is a need for them among the general public. A minimum of six to seven episodes with a typical length of twenty-nine to thirty minutes will be released simultaneously, allowing you to watch the show without having to tune in every week. Letterkenny Season 12.

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However, as of December 28, 2022, neither the episode names nor a summary of the series has been made public by the network. The network will announce when the episodes are available via the streaming service.

Fans should remain patient until the network confirms these announcements and releases in the following months. The following actors are among the series’ principal cast members who are likely to return for future installments:

Jacob Tierney as Glen, Lisa Codrington as Gail, Kaniehtiio Horn as Tanis, Evan Stern as Roald, and Mark Forward as Coach. Jared Keeso as Wayne, Shoresy; Nathan Dales as Daryl; Michelle Mylett as Katy; K. Trevor Wilson as Squirrelly Dan; Dylan Playfair as Reilly; Andrew Herr as Jonesy; Tyler Johnston as Stewart; Dan Petronijevic as McMurray; Melanie Scrofan Jared Keeso devised, developed, and wrote much of the script for, while Jacob Tierney directed this Canadian television sitcom.

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