Is Tessa Pregnant? Will Hardin And She Have A Child In After?

Is Tessa pregnant: The ‘After’ films, starring Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin, follow the lives of Tessa Young and Hardin Scott, two people who meet for the first time in college and have a passionate connection over the years.

Tessa visits a gynecologist to begin birth control in the third film of the series, “After We Fell,” but instead receives shocking news about her capacity to have children. Tessa’s pregnancy is a significant source of stress for the pair in “After Ever Happy.” is Tessa pregnant.

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She also sees a doctor about it, which is sure to pique anyone’s interest. Is Tessa expecting a child? What are she and Harding’s plans for bringing their child into the world? Come on, then, let’s find out! THIS HAS SPOILERS.

Is Tessa Pregnant?

Tessa is not pregnant at this time. ‘After We Fell’ follows Tessa as she visits her gynecologist after she and Hardin make the decision to put off having children for the time being. After examining her, the doctor informs her that she has cervical insufficiency,

is tessa pregnant
is tessa pregnant

also known as an incompetent cervix, she should not worry about getting pregnant unexpectedly or using birth control. Tessa may not be able to conceive a child, and even if she does become pregnant, she may not be able to carry the baby to full term because of her condition.

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The risk of a premature birth makes it unsafe for her to become pregnant at this time. Her cervical tissues are too weak to deliver a baby safely.

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