Bailey Sarian Break Up Why They Both Apart Their Ways?

Bailey sarian break up: Bailey Sarian’s Tragic Ending YouTube personality and podcast host Brooke Sarian’s birthday is November 26. She is well known for her series Murder, Mystery & Makeup, and her podcast Dark History. She was the first on YouTube to do a “true crime makeup” video. As a result, What Happened to Bailey Sarian has become a hotter topic of inquiry. What Happened to Bailey Sarian is the subject of the issue at hand.

Over 388k people follow the social media star on Twitter; 2.9m on Instagram; 2.5m on TikTok; and 6.17m on YouTube. After a two-month break, the YouTuber returned with a new episode of her Mystery & Makeup series on March 14, 2022. She captioned it when she shared it, “Can’t a girl have a mental breakdown in peace?” Sarian also expressed regret for seemingly “disappearing” from her subscriber base. Bailey sarian break up.

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What Happened To Bailey Sarian?

Bailey Sarian, in a series of videos posted on her YouTube account, explains that she and her partner recently split up and need some alone time to grieve. She added that she had struggled mightily to get some rest but had ultimately been unsuccessful. As a result, she decided to go on with her life and begin afresh. Fans are concerned about Bailey Sarian and continue to show their support despite the unexpected news. In addition, for the most recent information, please read the page. Bailey sarian break up.

Is Bailey Sarian Married?

In other words, Bailey Sarian is single. Bailey Sarian has recently broken up with her lover and is in a foul mood. Her admirers are left wondering what’s up because she hasn’t posted anything new on social media. Bailey and Fern were initially candid about their relationship status. They would reassure their followers that they were still together by posting goofy images of themselves on social media. Unfortunately, she abruptly quit her blog, which was widely publicized. A lot of people probably guessed they had split up already.

bailey sarian break up
bailey sarian break up

Bailey Sarian Break Up

It was announced on January 24, 2022, that Bailey Sarin and her boyfriend, Fernando Valdez, had broken up. Their relationship spanned nearly nine years. Fernando Valdez, a YouTube star, is Bailey Sarian’s YouTuber friend. He is skilled in the art of tattooing and graffiti. People seem to enjoy being around him generally. However, they kept their marriage a secret from everyone.

Nonetheless, it has been rumored that Val is actually her husband and that they secretly tied the knot in 2021. She remarked that she believes there must be a rationale for their union, as they were acquired and have remained together. Bailey doesn’t seem to care that they broke up and doesn’t appear to be sad about it. Bailey sarian break up.

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Why Did Bailey Sarian Break Up?

After a tranquil start to 2022 on social media, Bailey Sarian’s devoted following is curious about the beauty mogul’s plans for the year. Bailey has written to her friends for the first time since Friday, January 21, 2022: “Sorry I’ve lived mia; I’ll show you a life update soon & no, I haven’t been alright, but I admire you asking.” Millions of her fans saw the post on her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

On Monday, January 24, 2022, Bailey shocked her audience by announcing that she and her long-term partner, Fern, had split. 2022 was a “turning point” in her life, and she “simply needed a break,” she said. She said, “I just require a break because I think that’s a fine enough solution.” Bailey sarin breaks up.

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