Is Benoit Blanc Gay? Fans React To The News

Is Benoit blanc gay: Fans of 2019’s Knives Out murder mystery demanded an immediate sequel to discover more about the mysterious detective, Benoit Blanc. In Glass Onion, the sequel that fans have been waiting three years for, Daniel Craig’s southern investigator is once again immersed in a complex investigation.

An early clip shows Blanc playing Among Us with some prominent people before he receives a clue that kickstarts his involvement in the case, revealing more about his character as fans had hoped. Fans of Knives Out and Glass Onion have speculated that Benoit Blanc is gay after a moment in which it is revealed that the detective lives with another man. In this article, we will discuss is benoit blanc gay and many more related to him.

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Is Benoit Blanc Gay in Knives Out And Glass Onion?

When asked if Benoit Blanc is gay in the Knives Out movies, the answer is yes.  The film Glass Onion only alludes to the detective’s sexuality, but the film’s writer and director, Rian Johnson, has been very outspoken about it. As reported by Insider, after a film screening at the London Film Festival, Johnson was asked if a scene in which Benoit Blanc lives with another man suggested that the character is gay.

Rian said, “Yes, he certainly is.” Johnson continued, “There’s nobody in the world I can fathom bringing me more delight for Benoit Blanc to be with, without saying who Blanc’s partner is.” Even Benoit Blanc’s actor, Daniel Craig, weighed in: “No spoilers [but] who wouldn’t want to live with such a person?” is benoit blanc gay?<


Who Is Benoit Blanc’s Partner?

Phillip, played by Hugh Grant, is Benoit Blanc’s co-star in Glass Onion. Glass Onion reveals that Hugh Grant’s character is living with Benoit Blanc when he opens the door for Janelle Monáe’s character, who has been searching for the detective after hearing only his voice in an earlier scene. When Phillip answers the door, he’s wearing a bright pink and green apron, indicating that he’s baking, and he’s displeased that Blanc is in the bathroom and can’t help him. Is Benoit blanc gay?

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Fans React To The News

Since Benoit Blanc’s s*xual orientation was outed, his many followers have resorted to social media to express their shock and dismay. On Twitter, one viewer said, “The reveal of Benoit Blanc’s gay lover in Glass Onion is one of my favorite movie moments of the year.”

Meanwhile, someone else chimed in, “How come I’m just now finding out that Benoit Blanc is gay?? After seeing the entirety of Glass Onion, I wondered if anyone would ever bring up the film’s overwhelmingly fruity tone.

However, this supporter wanted to caution other viewers: Actually, here’s a minor spoiler: if you were hoping for an out-and-proud Benoit Blanc, you’d be disappointed. They left so much to the imagination that my mother was sure that [redacted] was playing his maid.

As another Twitter user pointed out, the fact that he refers to Ransom and Harlan as “drama mothers” in Knives Out proves that Blanc has always been gay. They thought “Glass Onion” was “very solid” as a film. Is Benoit blanc gay?

“But what I enjoyed best is that they finally made up their minds that Benoit Blanc is a gay f*ck,” he said. Even still, this last reviewer maintains his or her faith in another detective as the best there is: Not that it makes any difference to me if Benoit Blanc is officially gay or not. The gayest little investigator with a beautiful accent, Hercule Poirot, will always be my favorite.

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