I Believe In Santa Movie Trailer Is Out Now Christina Moore & John Ducey Lead Charming Holiday

Most people worldwide make it a point to gather with loved ones to honor Christmas as the time of year when these values are most centrally honored. Although the holiday season is meaningful to many, not everyone celebrates it similarly.

So, how do we handle a new couple with opposing opinions on the holiday? This concept is hinted at in the preview for the new romantic Christmas comedy, I Believe in Santa. The film’s Netflix debut was on December 14th.

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Lisa (Christina Moore) is seen in the preview stumbling through the assembly of a project centered on Christmas, which is not her favorite holiday. Even though she’s having trouble celebrating the season, her boyfriend, Tom (John Ducey), couldn’t be more excited.

It shouldn’t matter whether the partner prefers what, but you can see the potential stumbling blocks considering Tom and Lisa are only five months into their relationship. A friend of Lisa’s said, “I don’t think I have ever seen you this happy before.”

The pair seem to be in a romance made in heaven. But she doesn’t believe everything is peachy; she’s just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Relationships need to give in on the little things, but this may be too much for Lisa.

Not only does she learn that Tom enjoys the holidays, which is awful enough for her, but she also learns that he is open to the possibility that Santa exists. When asked if he believes in Santa Claus, Tom says, “Yes,” much to Lisa’s dismay.

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Fear of love is natural, but so is the hope that one day you will find someone who loves and accepts you just the way you are. Even though Christmas is one man’s passion and one woman’s horror in the new film, the pair can find a more profound connection if Lisa gives the holiday a second opportunity.

i believe in santa movie
i believe in santa movie

An enjoyable way to get into the holiday spirit, I Believe in Christmas is a beautiful holiday film. Alex Ranarivelo helms, and Ducey starred in and wrote the picture. Moore serves as co-producer alongside Ali Afshar, Daniel Aspromont, Stuart Davis, and Ava Rettke. Moore and Ducey are joined by an impressive ensemble, including Violet McGraw, Lateefah Holder, Sachin Bhatt, Matthew Glave, Paxton Booth, Brooke Dillman, and Missi Pyle.

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