Diddy Gay: Why The Gay Rumors About Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Refuse To Die

What’s Diddy’s s*xual orientation like? Since his initial rise to fame as a member of Bad Boy Entertainment, rumors have circulated about the hip-hop mogul and producer’s s*xuality. Despite widespread assumptions that the man born Sean Combs is gay, he has been romantically linked to a number of women, including the late Kim Porter, and fathered a brood that includes Christian Combs, who is also seeking a career in show business.

There has always been speculation that Diddy is gay, but the recent uptick in these claims provides even more proof in support of this theory. Let’s take a look at the evidence we have on his actual sxual orientation. diddy gay.

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Is P. Diddy gay?

1. People Suspect He Is, Thanks To His Verse In A Song By Independent Rapper Blood Orange.

Born Devonté Hynes, Blood Orange is a rapper noted for his collaborations with artists like Solange Knowles and Mariah Carey. But now that Diddy has been featured on Blood’s “Hope,” he has risen to prominence. Two guys are seen kissing and hugging in the music video, as Diddy raps the song’s lyrics “What does it take for me to stop being fearful and start allowing myself to be loved the way I really want to be loved?

is a question I ask myself from time to time. You know, it’s like you want something, but you’re not sure if you can manage it; maybe one day I’ll get over my concerns and receive it. But that I know how I truly want to be loved; but I’m, but I’m, like, terrified to really, really experience that.” Even if Diddy isn’t coming out and saying it, he’s going awfully close to hinting that he’s gay. You could watch the clip if you like. diddy gay.

2. Homophobia Is Common In Hip Hop — Which Makes It Difficult For Rappers Like Diddy To “Come Out Of The Closet.”

Although hip-hop has made numerous contributions to American culture, its rampant homophobia isn’t one of them. Even a supposedly “enlightened” rapper like J. Cole uses anti-gay slurs, and some critics claim that homophobia in hip-hop is “normalized,” making it difficult for anyone, even someone as influential as Diddy, to come out of the closet.

3. 50 Cent Has Been Calling Diddy ‘gay’ For Years

50 Cent has never met an argument he didn’t enjoy, and his “war” with Diddy dates back a very long time. Fif has been openly and repeatedly (even during an appearance on The Breakfast Club in 2018) labeling Diddy gay. The “Many Men” rapper once claimed of Diddy, “He doesn’t even aware what he says is, like, fruity.” diddy gay.

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4. Diddy Also Said That He Battled Depression, Which Further Fueled The ‘gay’ Rumors.

“There was no normalcy in 2019. Some of us had a fantastic year, while some of us had to deal with some serious adversity. A challenging year, “he explained in a video posted to Instagram. There’s no need to describe how many comments that video got: hundreds of supporters pleading with him to “come out of the closet” and urging him to be authentic. “It’s fine if you’re a gay man, Diddy. As you mention in the video, you need to love yourself enough to “just take in the feedback for this one post. “Bruh, just come out; it’s alright; muthaf**kas are still going to listen to your music,” stated someone else. diddy gay.

5. Wendy Williams Has Also Said That Diddy Was Gay

Wendy Williams got her start as an outspoken New York City radio DJ before she became a household name on television. In her time as an urban legend queen, she regularly implied that Diddy gay.

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