Collin Gosselin Starts Crying And Says He Hasn’t Talked To His Brothers And Sisters In Years

The star of “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” Collin Gosselin, revealed that he hasn’t spoken to most of his siblings in years. The TLC reality series “Jon & Kate Plus 8” featured the 18-year-old son of Jon and Kate Gosselin and his seven siblings from 2007 to 2009.

The program was renamed “Kate Plus 8” when Jon and Kate’s divorce was officially formalized in 2009. It remained on television from 2010 till 2017. The sextuplets Collin, Hannah, Alexis, Joel, Leah, and Aaden, as well as the twins Cara and Madelyn, are the offspring of the previous couple. Collin Gosselin sibling.

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With the exception of Hannah, Collin said to ET’s Kevin Frazier on November 28 that he doesn’t get along with his mother or his siblings. He said, “I haven’t talked to my siblings in maybe five or six years.” It’s difficult.

Collin continued, “I love them to death,” before sobbing uncontrollably. I truly hope my children would know their aunts and uncles when I have children since I love them so much, he remarked.

The teenager’s mother and the relationship had been at odds for a long time. Collin, who was 12 at the time, was institutionalized in 2016 due to “special needs,” according to Kate. She told the source, “This has been a struggle we’ve had for a very long time and one I’ve dealt with on my own.” “In this, I’ve felt really alone. By the same token, it has affected everyone in our family, not just him or me. Collin Gosselin sibling.

Collin said to ET that he didn’t agree with the way his mother handled the circumstance. It’s unfortunate that his mother described him in that way, he remarked. “I hope that if we met again someday, she would understand that it’s not the case,” I said. “I don’t see those things and I don’t think anybody else sees those things.”

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According to ET, Jon was given temporary full custody of Collin in 2018. Collin went live with his father and Hannah after Kate skipped the custody court. Collin responded, “It’s terrible that we didn’t have a relationship, but I’m doing really well,” when ET asked if he had a message for Kate.

Collin claimed that he relies on Hannah. I love my sister to death, and I would do anything for her, he declared. Hannah is a key component of my emotional support system. She gave me a lot of assistance and continues to do so today. Collin Gosselin sibling.

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