The Marked Heart Season 2: Will There Be A Season 2?

Deadline confirmed the second season of Netflix’s The Marked Heart would premiere in the coming days, suggesting the first season was a big hit with viewers. The SVoD service also verified the news across multiple social media channels. It’s no surprise that fans of the Colombian thriller are eager to learn when the second season will return to the streaming service, as many viewers binged the 14 episodes as soon as they were released.

The suspense novel is referred to as a “telenovela” and centers on a man seeking vengeance for the murder and organ trafficking of his wife. It’s a bummer that Netflix subscribers won’t be able to kick off the Halloween season with Season 2 of The Marked Heart in September 2022. Read below to know more about The Marked Heart Season 2.

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The Marked Heart Season 2 Release Date

Netflix hasn’t disclosed any prospective release date for the second season of The Marked Heart yet. However, numerous websites indicate that The Marked Heart Season 2 will launch on April 19, 2023. Season 1 premiered on Netflix on April 20, 2022, therefore the date indicated on those other websites is likely off. There is currently no official word on the status of The Marked Heart Season 2’s production, but if it starts filming in late 2022, the April release is quite likely to happen. Once the production gets underway, more details will become available regarding its release.

How Did The Marked Heart Season 1 End?

Camila decides to make a resounding proclamation in the end. She tells Detective Rentera everything about the heart and Zacaras’ role in the crime. Tomás is spared from being shot by the group thanks to Simon. They work together to preserve Sam, whose organs are being removed, by following Mariachi. Simon manages to track down and kill the doctor in charge of organ harvesting.

In time to make the arrests, Detective Bracho arrives. After killing a police officer in an unexpected turn of events, Detective Rentera releases the culprits and subsequently claims to have been tricked by them. The men from Mariachi stop at the restaurant seeking for Sam. Detective Rentera’s family is being used as leverage by the gang to force him to do what they wish. As soon as Detective Bracho discovers the suspect shot the police officer, he places him under custody.

Camila tells Zacarias that she has given her statement to the police regarding Valeria’s murder. Zacaras feels betrayed because she slandered him to the police and cheated on him with Simon. In essence, he is pleading with Sarmiento to fire Simon. Greta learns from Zacaras that he intends to utilise Braulio’s presidency to his advantage in order to get out of this dilemma. Braulio triumphs in the polls.

It’s a snub to Sarmiento that he asks Zacaras to kick him out of the meeting. This time, it’s Sarmiento who reports Mariachi and company to the authorities. Because of her belief that Sarmiento caused Camila’s death, Zacaras hands him up to the authorities. Camila visits Símon to share her confession with him. They’ve both reached an impasse where they can’t make sense of how they feel for one another.

Camila has a heart-to-heart with Simon’s kids and breaks the news that their mom has passed away. Camila leaves the country after pretending to die and adopting a new identity, revealing her whereabouts to only Simon and his kids. Sarmiento brings a brand new Camila video to Zacharias, which finds the singer visiting a foreign country.

The Marked Heart Season 2 Cast

The Marked Heart was written and directed by CMO Producciones’ Leonardo Padrón. This Colombian thriller drama was filmed in Spanish, but English subtitles are included on Netflix so that people all over the world can enjoy it.

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