Update: RHOBH Alum Denise Richards And Her Husband Were Shot At In A Road Rage Incident

UPDATE: The star is responding on social media following claims that a driver fired rounds at Denise Richards and her husband during a road rage incident. When a Twitter user threatened Richards, she responded.

“I’m grateful. I would never want somebody to suffer harm. Not that you care, but here’s what my hubby and I went through yesterday. was the most dreadful circumstance I’ve ever encountered. I regret that I was spared a shot to the neck. a**hole,” the tweet said.

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The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was travelling to a Los Angeles film studio for work while riding on the passenger side of a truck being driven by her husband. The driver who was following the pair became agitated and started shooting at them when they slowed down to look for parking.

The event was initially reported by TMZ, who also provided images of the Ford F-150 truck’s bullet holes. Denise reportedly “pushed through the emotions of it all and worked for 12 hours,” according to the website. An off-duty police officer escorted the pair out as they left her place of employment at the end of her shift.

For the time being, Richards has not issued a formal comment regarding the incident. The Wild Things star, according to a source who spoke to People, was “extremely rattled up” by what happened.

The source told the newspaper, “She was quite rattled up and afraid, but she was a trooper and she went and videotaped the whole day. She didn’t want to miss her shift at work.

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According to the source, the couple didn’t realize they had been shot at until they were about to enter the studio.

The insider continued, “The person had already left by that point, but when they realized the car had been shot, they were genuinely frightened out, and the production guarded the scene. “Despite their annoyance, [Richards] chose to remain and film. Her involvement was only for one day.

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