This Week, It Will Snow Everywhere In Michigan, With The Most Snow In The Northwest

This week, there will be two meteorological events that will start the occasional heavy snowfall in November. There will be some snowfall worldwide due to a mid-week weather system. Some locations will get significant lake-effect snowfall due to a late-week cold wave.

The initial snowfall won’t be much, but it will fall in bursts across the entire state of Michigan. An upper-level storm system moving in from the west will be responsible. Michigan will be surrounded by moving air.

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Anywhere in Lower, Michigan could see an inch or two of snow if the circulation is good for developing snow showers. The precipitation will turn into significant lake-effect snow by Thursday once the widespread disturbance passes through. The snow belts will be covered by the lake-effect snow from Friday through Sunday.

You would think that we recently transitioned from a warm season to winter at this time. We did. You can see that this week has seen a total of some snow on the snowfall map. There will be some dense regions of snowfall of more than six inches in the western Lower Snowbelts and Upper Peninsula.

This is how much snow fell overall through the upcoming weekend. We’ll get a half-inch or so on Wednesday and Thursday on the east side of Lower Michigan, which includes Ann Arbor, the Detroit region, Flint, Saginaw, and Bay City, and we might get another half-inch when the lake effect starts to work toward the weekend.

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the course of this week and the upcoming weekend, the western portion of Lower Michigan should receive at least six inches of snow and maybe as much as one foot. The western Lower Michigan landscape will blatantly resemble winter by the time we reach the end of next weekend.

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