Henry Cavill Is Back As Superman, And Jason Momoa Talks About It (Exclusive)

Jason Momoa didn’t bring his new pet pig to the Slumberland premiere red carpet, but it wasn’t because he didn’t want to.

In dark purple pyjamas, Momoa strolled the red carpet outside the AMC Century City 15 in Los Angeles on Wednesday. He paused to chat with ET’s Matt Cohen about his new movie and his cherished new porcine friend.

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“I get to wear silk pyjamas to the premiere, which is the coolest thing ever. Get it? Slumberland “Momoa commented on his clothing choice.

When questioned about why he didn’t bring the adorable pig to the gathering, Momoa replied, “He’s in Hawaii, I see. He is a wild boar, thus I was unable to bring him along.” The actor claimed that he recently adopted the pig and brought him home after using the animal on the set of his most recent film, Slumberland.

“LAU LAU, a.k.a. MANAPUA, is my new pal. We haven’t made a decision yet. I want to bring them home, which is why I can’t work with animals “Last week, Momoa uploaded a video to Instagram showing him and his new boar friend. Like his father, “Wild and savage.”

Momoa plays Flip, an eccentric criminal in the dream world, in Slumberland. He assists Marlow Barkley’s character, Nemo, in navigating the odd and fantastical Slumberland. Momoa remembered the lighthearted relationship he had with his little co-star while looking back on the production.

We simply had a great time, he said. “Marlow is such a pain in the neck! Yes, she’s very smart and entertaining, and we had a terrific time.”

Added he. “Man, [the movie is] entertaining; I’m eager. I hope people will find it appealing.”

Later, Momoa responded to Henry Cavill’s recent confirmation of his comeback as Superman following Cavill’s appearance in the Black Adam post-credits scene. Of course, Momoa belongs to the DC Universe as well because he plays Aquaman.

“Yes, it’s fantastic. I mean, Henry is fantastic, and I love him “said Momoa. “Wow, what an unbelievable event if it occurs for DC,” I thought. “Dwayne’s amazing.”

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In addition, Momoa kept hinting to a dream collaboration with DC Studio executives James Gunn and Peter Safran.

“Zack Snyder received it long ago and now belongs to Gunn as a result of me and my dream. and proceeded to see my friend Safran, who responded, “Hell yeah.””

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