CDC Director Walensky’s COVID Has Improved After Treatment With Paxlovid

After taking the antiviral Paxlovid from Pfizer Inc., US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky relapsed with Covid-19 symptoms. Walensky tested adverse following Pfizer’s treatment for a mild case of Covid earlier this month.

The CDC reported that she started exhibiting minor symptoms on Sunday and has since tested positive. The expert on infectious diseases is recharging at home and will carry on virtually. After taking the medication for the full five days, several patients, including President Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci, had a resurgence of Covid symptoms.

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According to a September paper in the New England Journal of Medicine, rebounding patients may still spread the illness. The phenomenon appears to be much more widespread than is officially acknowledged.

Albert Bourla, the chief executive officer of Pfizer, told Bloomberg News in May that doctors might recommend a second round of therapy for patients who were rebounding, despite US authorities later stating that there is still no proof that repeat therapy is beneficial.

National Institutes of Health researchers noted earlier this month that they don’t think a five-day Paxlovid regimen is excessively brief for the body to mount a potent defence against the virus that causes Covid-19. The top oral medication for people with a high risk of getting a severe illness is paxlovid.

Patients at lower risk don’t seem to benefit from it. Despite recent increases in attempts to increase access, the CDC reports that Black and Hispanic Covid patients have received the antiviral at considerably lower rates than White patients.

According to a Biden administration official who spoke to Bloomberg last week, Paxlovid supplies are still plentiful in the US, but it’s uncertain whether they will survive through the winter. Before the medicine is distributed to the commercial market early next year, the government might not have the money to purchase more dosages.

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