Eve Jobs Net Worth: How Much She Worth?

Not only is Eve Jobs the youngest child of Apple’s late founder and former CEO Steve Jobs, but she is also a successful model and equestrian who graduated from Stanford University. Eve first became interested in horses at the age of two, and she first rode at the age of six. She made a living as a professional show jumper by taking part in competitions like the USEF Pony Finals and the Grand Prix circuit.

She is the recipient of several awards, including the Martha Jolicoeur Leading Lady Rider Award. One of the best young jumpers in the world, finishing second at the Lugano Diamonds Grand Prix.

Jobs made waves recently for making fun of Apple’s iPhone 14 launch, implying that there wasn’t much of an improvement over the previous model. She has kept a low profile since her father’s death in 2011, but she has been steadily growing a fan base in the modeling and equestrian communities all the while. eve jobs net worth and many more things related to her.

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Eve Jobs Early Life

On May 2, 1998, Steve Jobs and his then-wife Laurene Powell welcomed their daughter Eve into the world. She is the third sibling in a family that includes Erin Siena Jobs, Reed Jobs, and Lisa Brennan Jobs (her half-sister). After high school, Eve took a year off to focus on her riding, enrolling in Upper Echelon Academy to hone her skills. She eventually went on to earn a degree in science, technology, and society from Stanford University. eve jobs net worth.

Eve Jobs Career

Jobs’ interest in horses began as a pastime when she was six years old but quickly grew into her life’s ambition. She’s shown off her riding chops at several competitions. At first, she struggled to find the time to do both her schoolwork and her riding, but she was able to secure funding from her California high school to finish her education through Upper Echelon Academy, an online school with curriculums designed specifically around the needs of riders and their busy training and competition schedules.

Gigi Hadid, Paloma Elsesser, and other notable models have all collaborated with Jobs. In 2020, Jobs began her career on a Christmas ad for the cosmetics company Glossier. It was at the Coperni spring/summer 2022 show that she first walked the runway at Paris Fashion Week in 2021. Walking in the performance was “an honour to be a part of,” she wrote to her 262,000 Instagram followers. eve jobs net worth.

Eve Jobs Personal Life

Jobs was also featured in the music video for Harry Hudson’s song “Take My Time.” Both have been connected since early in the year 2021. Nonetheless, rumours of a breakup began in August. Eugenio Garza Perez, an equestrian, has been linked to Jobs, or so the reports go.

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Eve Jobs Net Worth

During the year 2022, Eve Jobs is expected to have amassed eve jobs net worth of $15 million. Eve triumphed in the $130,000 CSI 3 Grand Prix in Lexington, Kentucky, as part of the Split Rock Jumping Tour. The 2019 Reliable Rentals Grand Prix was held in British Columbia, Canada, and Jobs won it after battling against other riders. eve jobs net worth.

A great show jumper and, more recently, a model, Jobs is unafraid to forge her own path to success despite inheriting her family’s $21.7 billion fortune. With over 400,000 followers, she shares snippets of her glamorous life on Instagram, including her celebratory Stanford graduation, successful equestrian career, and lavish travels with friends. In addition to her original wealth, Jobs has made a fortune through endorsement deals and advertising.

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