The Vow Part 2: Hbo’s Nxivm Docuris Follow-Up

The official trailer for the second season of HBO’s “The Vow,” which premiered on September 22, reveals that it will continue the story of the first season by exploring the demise of the NXIVM cult after its seedy inner workings were exposed.

Following director Jehane Noujain’s teasing of a second season to Variety, in which she said, “We reached out to everybody involved — many people, on all sides of the story — and we are continuing to film,” Netflix officially announced in October 2020 that a second season titled “The Vow Part Two” would premiere in 2021, with the focus being on NXIVM founder Keith Raniere’s federal trial.

March of 2018 saw the arrest of Raniere on multiple accusations, including racketeering, sex trafficking, and a forced labor conspiracy. He was found guilty in June 2019 and given a 120-year prison term the following year. Several other people with ties to NXIVM have also been indicted, including founder and president Nancy Salzman and financial backer Clare Bronfman, as well as NXIVM member Allison Mack.

In April 2019, Mack pled guilty to racketeering charges and was sentenced to three years in jail in 2021. Salzman received three and a half years, while Bronfman was given six years and nine months. Season 1 whistleblowers like Bonnie Piesse, who told POPSUGAR in June that despite being a “private person,” she felt it was vital to convey her experience, will return for the sequel as well. the vow part 2.

‘We really wanted people to understand more how this happens and that it’s everywhere,’ she explained. And we had a great desire to halt Keith Raniere’s activities, and that felt like a huge approach to try to do that.

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“The Vow” Part 2 Trailer

“The Vow” Part  2 Plot

According to HBO, the second season of “The Vow” will focus on NXIVM’s inner circle, including Salzman, and will explore the fallout of the group’s collapse by following the “legal and emotional journeys of the group’s founders, supporters, and defectors.” This season will air after Raniere’s federal trial and will follow the events leading up to the trial.

The Vow Part 2 Review

In October of 2020, when “The Vow” aired what turned out to be the season finale (not the series finale), we didn’t feel like we needed more. A sigh of relief washed over the former members of NXIVM when the series concluded with the arrest of Keith Raniere and the other major players in the NXIVM scandal, including his right-hand woman Nancy Salzman, “Smallville” actress and alleged sex slave master Allison Mack, financial backer Clare Bronfman, and others. the vow part 2.

We saw the rest unfold in real life, with Raniere receiving a sentence of 120 years in prison. Potentially, that was the final chapter, but as we know now, it wasn’t. Even if not in the way he meant, Raniere’s concluding words of that finale hinted to what was to come: “There are numerous methods of presenting a documentary.

the vow part 2

Season 2 of “The Vow,” or “The Vow Part 2,” as it is also known, nearly takes this as a challenge and does offer the side that Raniere undoubtedly wanted presenting; your side is only the very top layer. Several of Raniere’s long-term followers make appearances throughout the season, and they all have perfectly valid reasons for why they initially found and remain attracted to his ideas.

There is a fair amount of evidence that Salzman and Raniere cured one man’s Tourette’s, and he is convinced they did. Students of ESP and NXIVM report feeling “completely fulfilled” since enrolling in lessons. They believe Raniere was only engaging in consensual sexual activity and that the ladies who were branded as part of the underground DOS society did so voluntarily.

They believe the positive effects of NXIVM outweigh the negative ones, and they will keep fighting for Raniere’s freedom. When you start to think there could be room for doubt, just to have it shattered by a new nightmare, you realize that some of these people are lying. Due to her infatuation with a man other than Raniere, a woman was thrown in jail.

Intimate sexual contact was made between a minor and Raniere. He caused great fear for an entire immigrant family. Perhaps some of his ravings were transformed by Salzman into useful lessons, but he was still a monster. You can believe both of these statements. When it comes to Salzman, she is the breakout performer of the year.

We see her unravel on camera as she tries to make sense of her time spent working with Raniere and the things she learned, didn’t learn, and still doesn’t understand. Even though she appears in some of the series’ hokey educational ESP films, she is refreshingly forthright in her feelings and character development.

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She’s a shattered mother who not only learned that Raniere had sexually manipulated her daughter Lauren but also a significant number of other women. It seems he told them they could have kids if they only got skinny enough, improved themselves enough, or otherwise met his unreasonable standards.

Salzman sobs as the judge tells her she must bear the blame for what happened to her daughters in NXIVM. This riddle is mostly cleared up by Salzman’s analysis. When compared to Salzman, Raniere might be a turnoff at times. While spouting Raniere’s gibberish, she still manages to come out as kind, amusing, and upbeat, all while really wanting to be of assistance.

It’s easy to see how being in her company could make attractive young women feel more comfortable confiding in Raniere. You can tell that she is confused, ashamed, and disoriented. Her entire identity rested on her ability to use ESP; now that she faces incarceration, she must construct an entirely new one

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