Movies Like A Walk To Remember: What Should I Watch If I Like A Walk To Remember?


You’ll find other romantic comedies here that will have you feeling like a kid again. Written by Nicholas Spark, this coming-of-age story about two teenagers who create an unexpectedly extraordinary bond inspired the film adaptation. Critics were generally not kind, but many viewers still found this chick flick entertaining; it touched the hearts of many. These films are quite similar to A Walk to Remember and are great choices if you’re in the mood for another romantic movie. In this article we will discuss about  movies like a walk to remember.

Movies Like A Walk To Remember

1. The Fault in Our Stars

Hazel Grace, a 17-year-old girl with lung cancer, must always have access to oxygen. Her mom, Frannie, thinks it would be a good idea for her to connect with other people who are going through the same thing and have cancer. Hazel is first uninterested, but after meeting a charismatic youngster named Gus, who is a cancer survivor, she finds herself eager to attend the group’s sessions on a regular basis.

Hazel tells Gus that she would like to meet the author of her favorite book, Van Houten. Gus’s unexpected communication with Van Houten results in an unexpected invitation for Hazel and him to visit the author in Amsterdam. When Hazel finds out that the man is actually a racist, she is devastated. After hearing what happened to Gus at home, she is even more taken aback. movies like a walk to remember.

2. Safe Haven

Katie, an attractive young woman, relocates to a sleepy North Carolina hamlet. People in the community are suspicious of her because of this, plus the fact that she doesn’t seem to want to interact with them. Nonetheless, she meets Alex, a single parent with two small children, and they create a wonderful bond. A close friendship develops between Katie and her neighbor Jo, who encourages Katie to stop dwelling on the past and start living in the present. Katie’s past traumas continue to haunt her, but Alex reminds her that love is sometimes all that can get you through. movies like a walk to remember.

3. The Vow

Paige and Leo just got married recently. When Paige is seriously injured in a car accident, their seemingly blissful marriage quickly becomes a living nightmare. The last five years of her life are blank when she wakes up. As for her husband, she has no recollection of him at all. Her parents pay her a visit and inform Leo that they intend to bring her home with them. Leo says no because he needs to get his wife back to their house. Still, Paige returns to her parents after realizing she doesn’t recognize anything in their home. Then, her ex-boyfriend Jimmy takes advantage of the circumstances by pursuing Paige again. Leo must decide whether to cling to his ebbing wife or let her go. movies like a walk to remember.

4. Letters To Juliet

Sophie Hall wants to be a writer and currently works as a fact checker for The New Yorker. She proposes the idea to her supervisor that she take a vacation to Italy in search of story ideas. Her superiors don’t treat her like an equal. Afterward, she and her fiance Victor go for Verona, Italy. While Victor is busy planning his new business, he pays little attention to Sophie.

Sophie finds a letter addressed to Juliet from one Claire Smith that has been left unaddressed by Juliet’s secretaries. The letter inspires her to act, and she and her grandson Charlie soon find themselves in Verona. Sophie takes the role of cupid in an effort to reunite Claire with her lost love. However, Charlie interferes, not realizing that Sophie’s grandma is also playing cupid and drawing him closer to her. movies like a walk to remember.

5. Remember Me

New York’s Tyler Hawkins is an aspiring artist. Since his older brother Mark committed himself, their father has paid little attention to him or his younger sister, Caroline. Despite his defiance, Tyler is eager for his sister to experience fatherhood firsthand. At one point, he and his roommate Aidan Hall get into a brawl and end up in Sergeant Neil Craig’s custody. Craig is Aidan’s classmate Alyssa’s father, and he’s having family issues of his own, as Aidan discovers. They eventually get romantically involved because he dared Tyler to pursue her. It may look like everything is in control, but things are about to grow much more complicated than they already are. movies like a walk to remember.

6. Dear John

John Tyree, an Army sergeant with the special forces, is now on leave in Germany for the summer. The conservative college student Savannah is waiting for him at the pier. John has an instantaneous crush on Mary, and the two quickly become close. In addition to John’s growing feelings for Savannah, Savannah finds herself falling for him. She promises to keep in touch with John through letters before she heads back to school. John had no intention of returning to the military until the events of September 11. It’s hard to see how their relationship can survive the current state of affairs. movies like a walk to remember.

7. Charlie St. Cloud

After losing his younger brother Sam in a tragic accident shortly after his high school graduation, Charlie St. Cloud struggles to find meaning in his life. Even though he has a sailing scholarship to attend Stanford, he instead takes a job as a groundskeeper at the cemetery where his brother is buried. Only he can see Sam’s ghost, but he and Sam have agreed to meet every day at sunset to throw the ball around. Charlie is revitalized after reuniting with his old schoolmate Tess. He worries that his feelings for Tess may make him abandon his vow to Sam, despite the fact that he finally has something to live for. movies like a walk to remember.

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