Rey Mysterio Net Worth: What is His Salary in 2022?


The American professional wrestler Oscar Gutiérrez, better known by his ring name Rey Mysterio, is currently under contract with WWE under the ring name Mysterio. Over the course of his illustrious career, Rey Mysterio has come to represent the Lucha Libre wrestling style and become its unofficial face and symbol.

The title of “King of Lucha Libre” is often applied to him. He is widely regarded as the catalyst for the rise of cruiserweight wrestling in the United States and as the man who popularised the high-flying Lucha Libre style of wrestling. Rey Mysterio, at age 14, debuted in the professional wrestling industry in 1989.

In 1992, while still under the supervision of his uncle, Rey Misterio Sr., he made his professional wrestling debut for the Mexican promotion Assistencia Assesora y Administración (AAA). Before joining WCW, he wrestled briefly for ECW in 1995. In 2002, he made a deal to join WWE.

 Rey Mysterio Net worth

Wealth and Earnings of Rey Mysterio: Rey Mysterio, a famous luchador, is worth $10 million. Mysterio, or scar Gutiérrez as he is more commonly known, is widely regarded as one of the most important figures in the history of professional wrestling. Now a part of the WWE, you can catch him on SmackDown! Before joining World Championship Wrestling in 1996, Rey Mysterio worked as a consultant for the Mexican firm Asistencia Asesora y Administración.

The “Lucha Libre” style of wrestling and the cruiserweight divisions gained traction in the United States thanks in large part to his efforts. Since joining the WCW, Rey has won the Cruiserweight title five times and the World Tag Team title three times. Mysterio joined the WWE in 2002 after a brief stint with the Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre. When he joined WWE, he was just as successful, and he won many titles there as well. Though he left in 2015 to compete in Japan and Mexico, Rey Mysterio returned to the WWE in 2018.

It has been reported that Real Estate Mysterio owns a $1 million home in the Chula Vista area of California. Built in 2004, this spacious home features four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Among its many appealing features are five comfortable bedrooms. Rey’s extensive tropical fish collection is housed in a spacious fish tank. In addition to his extensive action figure collection, he also owns a wide array of swords and other bladed weapons.

 Rey Mysterio Early Life

Oscar Gutiérrez entered the world on December 11, 1974, in the city of Chula Vista, California. scar Gutiérrez is the nephew of another wrestler named Rey Mysterio. His son and nephew, in addition to two cousins, are all wrestlers.

 Rey Mysterio  Relationship Status

Together, Gutierrez and his wife Angie have produced two children. Members of this family practise Roman Catholicism.

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 Rey Mysterio Career Details

As early as the age of 14, scar Gutiérrez had begun his professional wrestling career in Mexico. As Rey Mysterio Srnephew, .’s scar Gutiérrez picked up the Lucha Libre wrestling style quickly and became famous for his “high-flying” manoeuvres. At long last, in 1991, he was officially recognised as “Rey Mysterio Jr.,” honouring his uncle’s legacy. Rey finally found his niche in World Championship Wrestling after dabbling with the AAA in Mexico and Extreme Championship Wrestling for a year each.

He became well-known in the WCW during his first two years by competing in the cruiserweight division and defeating such notable opponents as Dean Malenko, Prince Iuakea, and Lord Steven Regal. During this time, Mysterio’s feud with the New World Order was also widely publicised. He had defeated Juventud for the third time and won the cruiserweight title in 1998. His six-month recovery time from knee surgery was a major setback.
The World Championship Wrestling (WCW) demanded that “Mysterio” remove his mask in 1999.

Since then, he has claimed that he was coerced by the WCW into unmasking when he strongly objected to the idea. Oscar Gutiérrez said it was harmful to his family because it broke with the customs of Mexico’s Lucha Libre style of fighting. In addition, Mysterio was not pleased that his unmasking occurred in the middle of a “throwaway match” rather than the dramatic climax he had been expecting. Another thing he let slip was that he was told to “lose his mask or lose his job.”

For the next few years, Mysterio would go on to defeat larger opponents like Kevin Nash and Scott Norton, earning him the moniker “giant killer.” Even though Rey’s stardom was on the rise, WCW’s producers still saw the heavyweight division as having more potential for interesting and profitable shows than the cruiserweight division. That Mysterio would never be a “main eventer” in the WCW was made abundantly clear. Rey Mysterio teamed up with the No Limit Soldiers and then the Filthy Animals from 1999 to 2001.

Rey Mysterio continued his career on the independent circuit in Mexico and the United States after the WCW’s demise. When he joined WWE in 2002, he was finally able to put on the mask again. He was engaged in a prolonged conflict with Eddie Guerrero prior to his reign as World Heavyweight Champion. Before teaming up with Sin Cara, he already had several titles to his name. By 2013 his storylines had concluded, and he had left WWE. Then, in 2018, Mysterio came back to the WWE after fighting in the AAA and Japan.

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