High On Life Release Date: Will Available Be On PS5?


The release of Squanch Games’ satirical new first-person shooter High on Life, created by Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland, has been pushed back from 2022 to December 2022, adding it to the long list of video game delays for the year. Is it irritating that the release date has been pushed back for one of the most anticipated upcoming Xbox Series X games? Absolutely. However, if the delay helps High on Life realize its full potential, we don’t mind waiting. As soon as we saw High on Life during the 2022 Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase, we were hooked.

It’s easy to see why so many people are eager to play this game, what with its Metroidvania structure, absurdist comedy, massive sci-fi ideas, and armory of talking firearms. In High on Life, we’ll play the part of a galactic bounty hunter on a mission to stop an extraterrestrial gang from siphoning off Earth’s vitality. While we wait for fresh content to arrive, you can get caught up on all you need to know about High on Life thus far. In this, we will discuss the high on life release date and many more things.

High On Life Release Date

December 13, 2022 is the projected premiere of High On Life. The October release schedule was Squanch Games’ original goal, but the studio has since chosen to take “a little extra time to squash some issues” before releasing its new intellectual property. High on Life’s release date of December 13 is drawing nearer, and when it does arrive, Xbox Game Pass members will be able to play it right away. high on life release date. 

High On Life Platforms

Platforms for High On Life have been confirmed on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC via Squanch Games, as shown in the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. This includes Steam and Epic Game Store. If you’re an Xbox Game Pass or PC subscription, you’ll be able to play High On Life on release day. As after such a amazing platform everyone is excited for high on life release date.

Will High On Life Be On PS5 And PS4

High On Life’s PlayStation 5 or PS4 release has not been officially announced by Squanch Games. The introduction trailer for High On Life states that it would be an Xbox “Console Launch Exclusive.” As a result, the new shooter will be an Xbox exclusive for a period of time that has not yet been defined. After that time frame has passed, the development team has familiarity with the PlayStation platform thanks to 2019’s Trover Saves the Universe, so there’s a high chance High On Life will be ported to the PlayStation consoles.

High On Life Trailer

During the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022, the debut of the High On Life trailer was made. There, we got our first taste of Squanch Games’ upcoming biopunk first-person shooter, which has a cast of hilarious talking guns. The debut trailer for High On Life may be viewed above, but you should know that it promises to be a very strange and exciting journey. high on life release date.

High On Life Gameplay

High On Life is an “Action Adventure Comedy Metroidvania First-Person Shooter,” as described by Squanch Games. That’s a lot to take in, but it should give us a good idea of what to anticipate. It’ll involve going to colorful foreign worlds, interacting with strange people, and using a variety of bizarre weapons. In the opening moments of High On Life, the player is put in charge of a plethora of talking firearms that serve as both story guides and mission givers, and the player is subsequently scolded for holding on to them too tightly.

Establishing a strong friendship with your new best gun friend from the alien species is necessary if you want to make it through this dangerous new world. Instead of an open globe, High On Life features extraterrestrial worlds that function as stages, each with its own set of difficulties, rewards, and cartel boss to defeat. A grid of opponent pictures on a touch screen, all marked as bounties, is briefly shown early in the trailer.

You can compare this to the framework of a Mega Man game, in which the player chooses the sequence in which bosses must be defeated before facing the last, ultimate foe. Creator Justin Roiland uses “Metroidvania,” among other words, to describe the game in the Xbox Games Showcase Extended, suggesting that we can expect to travel back and forth among the stars, revisiting stages more than once to uncover hidden areas once new weapons provide us with the abilities we need. After the gameplay, everyone is excited about the high-on-life release date.

High On Life Story

Okay, here’s where the weirdness of this situation will become apparent if we weren’t previously convinced. Space aliens, odd science, and lots of crass humor all play roles in the High On Life tale, placing it squarely in the same genre as Rick and Morty. There are no future opportunities for the player character, and therefore no motivation to even get out of bed. When an alien drug mafia invades Earth and begins puffing down its inhabitants, all that leisure time goes up in smoke.

high on life release date
high on life release date

Aliens are shown advertisements for the Hyperbong, which would let them experience the high that humans get from being caged up. Now we must form an alliance with a race of sentient firearms and blades, save their companions, assume the identity of a bounty hunter, and eliminate the leaders of an alien drug cartel, one by one. It’s a lot to process all at once. Also, we know better than to expect anything less from Justin Roiland and Squanch Games. high on life release date.

Is High On Life A Rick And Morty Game

The attentive listener will recognize Justin Roiland’s characteristic character voice, that of a little whiny Weasley on the cusp of puberty, inside the first seven seconds of the announcement video. The question immediately popped into our minds: is High On Life a Rick and Morty game? This feels like it might fit in the Rick and Morty universe nicely, but High On Life seems to be its own thing, with no connections to the Adult Swim show. We’ll have to wait until the full release in October to find out if there are any references or easter eggs to previous games by Squanch Games or other works by Justin Roiland.

High On Life Developer

Squanch Games, established by Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland, is working on High On Life. Roiland has made his living in the fields of animation, television, and comedy; however, since 2016, Squanch games have provided an outlet for him to bring his brand of adult humor to the realm of video games. It’s evident that High On Life carries on the same vein as previous releases Trover Saves The World and Accounting+, albeit with a far more robust game. High On Life is aiming to be the AAA blockbuster of independent games, or what developer Squanch Games calls a “Triple I” game.

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