Paula White Divorce: She Breaks Silence On Divorce


White-Cain, Paula Michelle, was born in the United States on April 20, 1966. She is a televangelist and a supporter of prosperity theology. White is now the head of the evangelical advisory group in the Trump administration. On January 20, 2017, she gave the invocation at his inauguration. When she gives the invocation, she will be the first woman in the clergy to do so.

Trump named her a special advisor in the Office of Public Liaison’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative in November 2019. She served as the senior pastor at the non-denominational, multicultural megachurch New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida from 2014 until May of this year. She and her then-husband, pastor Randy White, created Without Walls International Church in 1991 in Tampa, Florida, where she served as a co-pastor. In this article we will read about paula white divorce, personal and  early life and many more things.

Paula White Early life

Originally from Tupelo, Mississippi, White is the daughter of Myra Joanelle and Donald Paul Furr III. Her birth name is Paula Michelle Furr. Their family business was a toy and craft store. When White was five years old, Donald and Myra Furr’s marriage started to deteriorate.

While White was a young child, her mother moved the family from Tupelo to Memphis, where they lived in abject poverty after her father committed suicide. The mother of White developed alcoholism. Her daughter was cared after by a nanny while she worked. According to White, between the ages of six and thirteen, she was sexually and physically molested on multiple occasions by various people. She admits that she had bulimia at the time. White was nine years old when his mother remarried a two-star admiral in the United States Navy.

After her stepfather was stationed at the National Naval Medical Center, the family relocated to the greater Washington, D.C. region. White attended Seneca Valley High School in Germantown, Maryland, and eventually earned a diploma from there. She attended the Damascus Church of God in Maryland, where she made her conversion to Christianity in 1984. She then stated that she had a vision from God that led to her conversion. With her early life everyone is interested in paula white divorce.

Paula White Divorce
Paula White Divorce

Paula White Career

In 1991, Paula and Randy White, who were married at the time, started the Tampa Christian Center in Florida. The name was changed to the International Church Without Walls. Since the church was having financial difficulties, it was unable to give the Whites a wage for the first two years. Because of this, the couple relied on charity and government aid to get by. Before settling at its current location at 2511 North Grady Avenue in Tampa and changing its name to Without Walls International Church in 1998, the church moved three times between 1991 and 1998.

And so, in order to accommodate the growing congregation in Tampa, Without Walls International Church bought the next lot at 3860 West Columbus Drive. A former Canada Dry warehouse was purchased and converted into the church’s primary worship space until September 2014. After owning the Lakeland property for three years, Without Walls International listed it for sale in 2008 due to financial troubles. Both homes went into foreclosure later that year, initiated by the Evangelical Christian Credit Union.

The mortgage was modified through 2013 as part of a settlement with the credit union that was reached in 2009 after the sale of two lots to the city of Lakeland. Her ex-husband Randy White claimed in November 2011 that the Lakeland property was close to being sold or going into foreclosure, while White was still serving as the senior pastor at the location. Due to debt default, the Evangelical Christian Credit Union began foreclosure proceedings on the Tampa property in October 2012. At the time, Without Walls International filed a lawsuit claiming that White had moved church property, including audio equipment, to her new church in Apopka. paula white divorce.

Following his viewing of White’s talk show, Donald Trump called her up in 2002 to inquire about hiring her as his personal pastor. He hosted her on his talk programme and took her to Atlantic City for private Bible study. [9] White was given credit by James Dobson in June 2016 for converting Trump to Christianity. During Trump’s campaign for president, White served on his Evangelical Advisory Board; she also offered the invocation prayer during his inauguration.

Paula White Divorce

To kick off Bishop T.D. Jakes’s three-day Pastors and Leadership Conference in Orlando last Thursday, he invited Pastor Paula White, a pastor, motivational speaker, author, TV personality, and co-founder of Without Walls International Church. White began by announcing to everyone that she felt like she now had her “bounce” back. Paula boosted the accolades by stating, “I came to put every devil on notice… I’m regaining my ability to dream, prophesy, see, be anointed with divine power, and stand firm in my convictions. paula white divorce.

White, who refers to herself as the “former messed up Mississippi girl,” warned the crowd that she would be “extremely vulnerable and very honest” that evening. White revealed all the controversies that had plagued her since her marriage to Randy White in 2004 and the subsequent nine years of IRS inquiry into their business and personal affairs. The years that followed presented White with a seemingly endless stream of difficulties; she eventually reached the point where she considered giving up.

If it’s just for a little while, you can handle it. She questioned, “How can I give thanks to God when my days turn into weeks, my weeks into months, my months into years, and my years into decades?” How do I give Him praise while I’m under such constant duress? Put yourself under that much stress, and you’ll collapse. A divorce, an alleged affair with televangelist Benny Hinn, a stroke, an addiction to the prescription medication she was given following the stroke, and the fact that her church staff split down the middle, with some turning on the Whites and going to the media were all topics that White candidly addressed. paula white divorce.

Family issues that began when she learned her son was addicted to drugs and had been sexually molested by another male employee persisted. White also suffered the loss of her daughter, Kristen, to brain cancer in 2008. She was just 30 years old when she passed away. All the while, White was supposed to preach, prophesy, and do her duty as a member of the church. That’s how much pressure it took, and it was in a “very weak moment,” that she and her husband finally decided to split up in 2007. This breakup was mutually agreeable.

Things kept getting worse, even after she and her husband split up. In the summer of 2016, White and televangelist Benny Hinn were photographed leaving a hotel in Rome, Italy, while holding hands, and the photo was published in The National Enquirer. A relationship and an engagement between them were allegedly rumoured. “They’re going to speak about you and write… because it sells ragtag magazines,” White remarked on Thursday, firmly denying rumours of an affair. They will tell lies about you, but God will command you to be quiet. Thousands of pastors flooded the auditorium to show their support after White’s long, emotional testimony. Despite the devil’s best efforts, God was able to use White’s story to do some good in the world. paula white divorce.

Paula White Personal life

Three of White’s marriages have ended in divorce. They wed while she was a teenager. White got pregnant a year after her Christian conversion. She married Dean Knight, a local musician, in 1985, and they later separated in 1989. In 1987, White met his future son-in-law Randy White through their shared attendance at his father’s church, the Damascus Church of God in Maryland.  According to Holy Mavericks, encountering this third-generation preacher changed the course of her life.

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