Ben Stern Death: Howard Stern Announces His Father Ben Recently Died at Age 99


Howard Stern, a radio personality, recently announced the passing of his father Ben Stern, who was 99 years old. In a recent interview with Dan’s Papers, Stern discussed losing his father and revealed new details about how his father’s death affected his artistic aspirations. Ben Stern, Howard Stern’s father, was a well-known sound engineer. While nothing is known about Ray Stern, Ben and she have frequently appeared on The Howard Stern Show.

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The radio host remained mum on Ben Stern’s cause of death. However, Howard frequently mentioned Ben Stern on his broadcast. Howard mentioned in one of the episodes that his father had been distant when he was a child. The media personality stated that in February 2022, Howard made it known that Ray Stern, his mother, was having health problems. Stern didn’t give any specifics, but it appeared like he was implying that the problems were important and serious.

The devoted son made the following observation on the same broadcast of The Howard Stern Show: Viewers of The Howard Stern Show have frequently anticipated Ben Stern and Ray Stern’s quick debuts. They are familiar with the interactions between Ben, Ray, and their son as well as the many inside jokes that run in the Stern family.

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The radio host described how he and his wife, Beth, visited his parents during the epidemic during one of the parts from his show. Howard added that his father had experienced a number of health-related concerns that had led to hospitalisation and discharge. When asked by fans why his parents couldn’t be there to listen to his radio show, Stern said that they were too old to phone or come over to the studio.

Ben Stern Death
Ben Stern Death

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