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Richard Kevin Harrison, an American entrepreneur, reality television star, and proprietor of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop that appears in the History series Pawn Stars, was born on March 22, 1965. The store was founded by Harrison and his father, Richard Benjamin Harrison, in 1989, and they shared ownership of it until his father’s passing in 2018. In this article we will discuss about rick harrison net worth, career, early Life and many more.

Rick Harrison Early Life

Richard Benjamin Harrison Jr. and Joanne Harrison welcomed Richard Kevin Harrison into the world on March 22, 1965 in Lexington, North Carolina. The third kid is Richard. He has an older brother, Joseph, and a younger brother, Chris. He also had an older sister, Sherry, who passed away when she was six. His father served in the American Navy in the past. Harrison’s father was transferred to San Diego when he was two years old, so the family moved there.

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From the age of eight forward, Harrison experienced epileptic episodes. Harrison developed a lifelong love of reading, frequently staying in bed. While living in San Diego, Harrison attended Taft Middle School. However, after his second year, he left to focus on his “$2,000 a week business of selling phony Gucci bags.” In April 1981, the Harrison family relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rick Harrison Career

Harrison’s father launched his first thrift shop in 1981 after moving the family to Las Vegas. The first Gold & Silver Coin Shop was a 300-square-foot hole in the wall on Las Vegas Boulevard. Harrison spent the day working in his father’s store. He repossessed autos at night. The shop relocated to a more prominent location in downtown Las Vegas in 1986. Sadly, the Harrisons lost their tenancy on the property in 1988.

The shop was then relocated to a new business structure on Las Vegas Boulevard. Years prior, Harrison and his father had discussed turning the coin shop into a pawn shop. They perceived it as the company’s logical progression. However, a 1955 ordinance from Las Vegas made it challenging to do so since it restricted the number of new pawn shop licences that could be issued depending on the city’s population. Career plays a vital role in Rick Harrison net worth.

Rick Harrison Personal Life

Harrison’s girlfriend Kim became pregnant when he was 17 years old. The couple chose to get married despite having a miscarriage. On April 27, 1983, Corey, their firstborn, was born. Adam, their second child, was born two years later. Harrison and Kim parted ways soon after Adam was born. On a blind double date nine months later, Harrison ran into Tracy, who would become his second wife.

After six months of dating, they moved in together. Eight months later, they got married and took on the burden of raising Corey and Adam. They separated later. Harrison, who had previously been divorced twice, announced his engagement to Deanna Burditt in 2012. On July 21, 2013, the pair exchanged vows in Laguna Beach, California.

Rick Harrison Real Estate

Harrison put his Red Rock Country Club home in Summerlin, Las Vegas, up for sale in 2019 for $3.99 million. The 8,845 square foot residence was constructed in 2001. He purchased the home in 2016 and made repairs for roughly $600,000. For $45,000, granite cleaned in acid, sliced into planks, and set out like a hardwood floor was used as the flooring in the formal sitting room. A large part of rick Harrison net worth is spent on real estate.

Rick Harrison Net Worth
Rick Harrison Net Worth

The house features two bedrooms above and two bedrooms downstairs. The residence also features a gym that can double as a bedroom. In addition to a 12-seat home theatre with a 150-inch screen and a curtain, the house features seven bathrooms. More than 1,000 bottles of wine can be stored in a cellar.

The house boasts an elevator and a telephone-controlled central sound system that allows music to be played in any room. The house includes views of the Strip and the Arroyo Golf Club in the backyard and overlooks the Spring Mountains of Red Rock Canyon from the front.

The back of the house balcony is located in the upstairs game room. A gate leading to the golf course and a lagoon-style pool with an elevated spa can be seen in the backyard. A lazy river flows into the pool and a 10-foot waterfall. An outdoor kitchen is also located in the backyard. Harrison chose the region because their children attended a local high school, but now that the children are gone, they are no longer in need of the room. rick Harrison net worth.

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Rick Harrison Net Worth

Rick Harrison, an American entrepreneur and reality television personality, has a $9 million net worth. The Harrison family, who own the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, includes Rick Harrison. The reality television program “Pawn Stars,” which chronicles the mischief and shenanigans at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, has made the Harrison family famous. This all is Rick Harrison net worth.

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