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Although Xenoblade Chronicles 3 may not be the best Nintendo switch title in the year 2022, it does sound like one of the most extensive. It sounds like the vast JRPG fans have come to expect from Monolith Soft, with the main story that takes dozens of hours and more extensive plays clocking in at over 150 hours.

But will anyone else enjoy it? It’s a mixed bag, with some saying yes and others saying no. Extinction Chronicles 3 tells the story of a group of teenage mercenaries who find themselves caught in an eternal battle between their two countries, and who discover an even deeper mystery in the midst of it. Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Massive titans still loom over the battlefield as a place where people can reside and wage war with a wide range of weaponry and abilities. Mechanics and existential anime tropes are everywhere. It was released on July 29 and currently has a Metacritic score of 89.

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Even after 25 hours of play, I’m not sure if the game can be completed because it’s continually throwing new mechanics and tutorials at me that make an already intricate game even more difficult. However, it’s fighting, which makes it feel like an MMORPG, and its nigh-incomprehensible tale have me hooked. When it comes to mechanics and narrative, I’m not always sure what’s going on. But I’m enjoying it.

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When it comes to traditional JRPGs, dashing across fields of lush grass with your comrades, battling impossible odds with a spring in your step is what I adore the most. Xenoblade Chronicles 3’s amazing JRPG quality is bolstered by this element. “Perhaps more than any game before it in the series, this manages to entwine the two in an adventure that infuses each of your footfall with a sense of purpose,” a reviewer says.


“The world of Xenoblade 3 is a visual feast, with stunning views around every corner. One of the best-looking games on the Switch was made by Monolith Soft once again, who have proven to be masters of Nintendo’s hardware. The visual style of the game lies halfway in between the more realistic style of the first game and the anime style of the second, and it works well. “The cutscene design in this game is outstanding.”

xenoblade chronicles 3
xenoblade chronicles 3


Even if you don’t like the Xenoblade dubs, dual audio is available to accommodate those of you who like. As a result, I really like this remix. Aside from being delightfully campy, the dialogue includes such gems as, “how much magic power has this nerd got?” and, “queen bitch,” all of which make me laugh out loud every time. Especially when it comes to Eunie, the queen of sass, the energetic performances may turn quite sappy.”Xenoblade chronicles 3.


“I can confidently say that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is one of my favorite games of all time, and it might just be the best in the series overall, thanks to its epic, emotional story, a wonderful cast of well-written, relatable characters, addictive gameplay loop, satisfying chain attacks, beautiful soundtrack, and so much more.” If you’re a longtime lover of the game, you’ll be in for a wild trip, and beginners may even find themselves loving it.


Even if Xenoblade 3’s locations are fun to explore, the Nintendo Switch is pushed to its limit by such an ambitious adventure, making the environments look a little shabby.” Even with Nintendo’s most modern technology, textures are sometimes low-res, there’s frequent pop-in (and pop-out), and sometimes I couldn’t help but feel that the world was a little hazy when I played on my OLED model. “The good news is that after I accepted these visual flaws, it only infrequently impacted my enjoyment,” I said.

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However, while fighting is wonderful, the real pleasure comes from playing with different party combinations and simplifying various load-outs. ” In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, the most memorable moments for me were when I was defeated by a boss, rearranged my team composition, and fought back against the same foe again. Brilliantly executed, this loop demonstrates the depth, strategy, and adaptability of the combat.”Xenoblade chronicles 3.

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