Paddleboarder And Photographer Talk About Whale Encounter


WHDH/PLYMOUTH, MASS. After a humpback whale sailed through Plymouth, a paddleboarder had a story to share for a lifetime, and a photographer captured the moment on camera. According to Mike Manfredi, there has been a lot of activity at Manomet Point during the past week.

Fishermen have observed enormous schools of fish, seals, and whales. He told 7NEWS he wanted to get a close look for himself on Sunday morning and set out on a paddleboard to accomplish exactly that. Before he spotted the main attraction, he discovered schools of fish the size of football fields.

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Manfredi recalled, “I could see a couple of small humps moving around the boat as I was going out and shouted, ‘oh, the whales are here. “So, game on, I guess,” you say. The whale’s jaws soon emerged, sweeping up the fish as they rose up and emerged from the water.

Paddleboarder And Photographer Talk About Whale Encounter
Paddleboarder And Photographer Talk About Whale Encounter

Manfredi referred to the moment the whale got within 25 to 30 feet of him as one of the nicest things that had ever happened to him, and it was captured on camera. When the whale splashed down close to Manfredi, photographer Craig Picariello was there to catch it. Picariello claimed he could see the paddleboarder and the whales swimming in the water, but he still found it hard to believe he managed to get the perfect picture.

You have to see these, I told my wife when I got home and put them on my laptop, said, Picariello. I find it hard to believe I took the photo. I don’t know which of the three (whales) out there is breaching, so the question is, “Did I catch it at the appropriate time? Manfredi told 7NEWS that he loves this time of year and being outside on his paddleboard and that the close call was one he will not soon forget.

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On a paddleboard, he added, “Just incredible, something you don’t see that close, perhaps from a distance.” Simply said, it’s one of the best things that has ever occurred to me. It was excellent.

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