Cave Shake Net Worth: What Happened After Shark Tank( Latest Update)


The Keto diet has unquestionably grown in popularity over the past several years and is now one of the most widely followed dietary approaches. People love it because it allows them to eat fats, which are typically restricted by other diets.

It’s a way of eating that doesn’t make you feel deprived. Cave Shake, which participated in Season 10 of the TV show Shark Tank, is one business capitalizing on the Keto diet’s popularity with its delectable, creamy smoothies.

After receiving a $250,000 investment from Shark Guest Charles Barkley, what happened to Cave Shake? Continue reading to stay up to date on all things business-related. In this article, we discuss cave shake net worth, what cave shake, and many more things related to it.

What Is Cave Shake

Cave Shake is a coconut milk-cased meal replacement shake that is vegan, paleo, gluten-free, sugar-free, and dairy-free dessert. It contains Medium Chain Triglycerides, the beneficial type of fat that delivers high energy levels in the Keto diet.

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The healthful snack can be served cold to create that creamy, smoothie-like feel. Or it can be sipped at room temperature at the gym like a protein smoothie to replenish after a workout. Cave Shake creators Holly Heath and Billie Cavallaro established the company in 2015.

They attested that the keto lifestyle helped them enhance their health. Long-time friends Heath and Cavallaro resorted to the Coca-Cola beverage accelerator LA Libation for assistance in expanding their business. The Cave Shake creators offered LA Libation 15 percent interest in their company.

Cave Shake In The Shark Tank

To get $250,000, the Cave Shake founders went to Shark Tank asking for a 10% stake in their business in exchange for their money. Sharks liked the taste of their shakes, but they weren’t sure about the business prospects.

Cave Shake Net Worth
Cave Shake Net Worth

The Sharks were less thrilled after hearing about Cave Shake and LA Libation’s incubation partnership. It irked the shark, Kevin O’Leary because another company was getting free royalties from Cave Shake while he was only getting ownership in exchange for investing $250,000 to fund the venture.

As a result, he was unable to participate. They were joined by other Sharks including Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec. As a result, only guest Shark Charles Barkley remained in the running to join the team.

What Were The Sharks’ Offers For Cave Shake

If the Cave Shake owners agreed to give Barkley 20% of their equity, he would pay them $250,000, Barkley said. Cavallaro inquired if he would be ready to lower his interest rate to a more reasonable 14%. It was Barkley who brought up the fact that a different investor was getting a free 15 percent plus a royalty. After retiring from basketball, he found it difficult to keep his weight in check. As he stated, he was interested in Cave Shake since it was a weight-loss aid for those who needed it most.

Cave Shake Net Worth Now

Cave Shake’s owners predicted $750,000 in sales by the end of the year when the show was taped. After all, they were relying on the Whole Foods distribution rollout. Charles Barkley’s investment valued the company at $1.25 million. Incubator sales and Barkley’s investment might push Cave Shake’s value higher than Barkley estimates. The firm has not disclosed cave shake net worth.

Lessons From Cave Shake On Shark Tank

For two reasons, the Sharks were reluctant to invest in Cave Shake, the startup founded by Holly Heath and Billie Cavallaro. To begin with, the Sharks were not pleased with the company’s previous collaboration with incubator LA Libations.

A corporation was getting a royalty for nothing while O’Leary was getting nothing for his investment of $250,000, he claimed. Second, the business partners estimated that cave shake net worth is  $750,000 by the end of the calendar year.

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This was a significant increase from the $270,000 cave shake net worth they made in 2017. This was based on a prediction of sales from the relationship with LA Libations at the time of taping the episode, which had not yet occurred. This led the Sharks to question the company’s revenues and valuation. This all is cave shake net worth.

Cave Shake was fortunate to have Barkley’s faith in them as individuals and as businesspeople. Aside from supporting the company’s weight loss mission, Barkley confessed that he liked them well enough to agree to invest in the company’s stock.

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