Chris Pratt Terminal List 2: Possibilities, Plot, Release Date Status & Possible Cast


The Terminal List is an Amazon Prime Video show that got telecasted on 1st July 2022. Chris Pratt portrayed the role of Lt. Commander James Reece in it. The idea for the action thriller series came from a novel of the same name written by Jack Carr.

David DiGilio has created such a masterpiece that it is worth binge-watching and has the potential for more seasons. Here we are going to talk about Chris Pratt Terminal List 2. All eight episodes of the season were loaded with vengeance and gunfire action, which left the audience eagerly waiting for the Chris Pratt second season. 

Chris Pratt Terminal List 2 Possibilities

Amazon Prime has not announced the confirmation of the Chris Pratt terminal list 2 second season yet. However, the creators have already given us a hint about the possibilities in an interview. The interview was taken by Screen Rant, where author Jack Carr, creator David DiGilio, and pilot director Antoine Fuqua already teased the chances of Chris Pratt’s Terminal List 2. 

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When the interviewer asked them about the second season, DiGilio mentioned that hopefully, season two is their goal. They wanted to do this with certainly a big picture. They only want blessings and success for the show to motivate Amazon for doing so. However, Carr replied that he doesn’t know what problem Amazon has. 

DiGilio also mentioned that the hired writing team of the show already has their map ready for each of the further seasons. However, the word each breaks all the borders and confirms the existence of more than two seasons.

Chris Pratt Terminal List 2
Chris Pratt Terminal List 2

Chris Pratt Terminal List 2 Plot

Before proceeding with the second season, let us take a look at the first one. The first season revolved around the lead character, Lt. Commander James Reece, who is a Navy SEAL. He returns to US soil along with several PTSD as his entire platoon dies in a botched conversation operation. In the first few episodes, the audience witnesses his anger and vengeance as he soon becomes a scoundrel. 

He battles with the memories of the conflict and faces several questions. However, he soon discovers the involvement of more major forces in the play. Soon, the series turns out to be a political thriller as Reece, with his friend Katie Beranek, untangles several webs of conspiracy over the matter.

The duo tries to figure out the reason for sending Reece’s squad to the location and targetting his family for execution. The series shines up as a thrilling adventure filled with action and intrigue. Talking of the second season, the series is just the first part of the five novels by Jack Carr.

If the source material is taken up by the makers, then we will not be surprised if we’ll get five seasons for the show. The second novel takes up the charge after the first. Reece becomes the most wanted terrorist in America and escapes to Mozambique. He takes up a shelter along with his family with the help of one of his fallen comrades.

On the other hand, a former Iraqi commando who works underground in Europe sends shockwaves and does a string of attacks worldwide. The government officials hire Reece to locate the Iraqi operative and promise to provide him immunity in exchange. Chris Pratt terminal list 2. 

Therefore, we might be able to watch Reece hunting down the Iraqi operative worldwide. To watch Reece in action, you can watch The Terminal List on Amazon Prime.

Chris Pratt Terminal List 2 Release Date

The team takes about a year or more to write, shoot, edit, and release a newly-renewed show. The second season will surely involve several locations and some outstanding action sequences, which means that the shoot will take a bit longer duration.

According to the data provided by the makers, the first season started filming in March 2021 and will release in July 2022. The duration was of a year, and so will be for The Terminal List 2. According to the data provided above, we can expect the second season to drop in late 2023 or early 2024. However, the situation depends upon their starting date for filming.

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Chris Pratt Terminal List 2 Possible Cast

James Reece, played by Chris Pratt Terminal list 2 is the soul of the show. Reece has many allies worldwide who help him in difficult situations. The allies include some veteran friends, former Navy SEAL teammates, and many others. The chances of return of Kitsch, Keough, Mertz, Courtney, and Tripplehorn are less as they have already completed their part in season 1.

However, Reece has more friends that could help him to accomplish his mission. These include Liz Riley, portrayed by Tyner Rushing, Katie Buranek, portrayed by Constance Wu, Tony Layun, played by JD Pardo, and Mac Wilson, played by Christina Vidal. 

We can also see Mohammed “Mo” Farooq as the lead antagonist of the show. According to the sources, these characters could make a return and put a stamp on their respective roles.

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