What Happened To The Water Wiggle? Toy Banned After Jon Christopher McCabe Death

News is taking over the whole internet and is circulating on social media on a high scale. The news is getting viral, and people are trying to collect every possible detail about it. Water wiggle got banned after choking a boy. Kid’s toys are the last thing that someone can assume to be dangerous, and in this scenario, it is water wiggle. Here is everything you need to know about water wiggle death.  

Water Wiggle is a very famous toy that got banned after being claimed for killing a toddler. The main question arises how did the incident happen. According to most people, the most dangerous toy is the toddler’s toy. However, youthful people also often die because of choking due to small toys.  

One of the toys proved to be very dangerous when the baby’s father was also unable to pull it out of his throat. The toy was a water wiggle. The water wiggle story went too far, which lead to the disagreeable public lawsuit, downfall, and ultimately, water wiggle death. 

Water Wiggle Death

Water Wiggle was considered illegal after the death of the boy. Water Wiggle was made by the Wham-O Manufacturing agency and was in high demand in the 1960s and 70s. It proved to be a vast hit for the company that was launched in 1962. After its success, Wham-O supplied around 2.5 million water wiggles in 17 years.

Despite being an outdated piece, it was not a typical playmate from another dimension for the children. It contained a water-jet nozzle made of aluminum with a plastic head of bell shape and a seven-foot plastic pipe connecting them.

To associate it with a yard hose, it was manufactured this way. It was supplied for about $3.50 USD and used at the bathtub time.  However, after the toddler’s death, each half of the toy became unsuitable for them.  All the folks were instructed to throw away their toddlers’ water wiggles for their safety. Meanwhile, all the retailers also pulled out the water wigglers from the market. 

What Happened To The Water Wiggle Toy Banned After Jon Christopher McCabe Death
What Happened To The Water Wiggle Toy Banned After Jon Christopher McCabe Death

Jon Christopher McCabe’s Death is Behind Water Wiggle Death

Water Wiggle was made illegal after the death of Jon Christopher McCabe. Jon was four years old and was playing in the yard with the toy with the other kids on 25th March 1978. Accidently, the bell-shaped head of the toy fell out of the nozzle and got caught in his mouth.

His 7 years old brother named Joey shut down the water quickly and ran inside to call his father. Jon’s dad tried his best to pull out the nozzle from his throat. He also tried to decrease the hose with a butter knife, but unfortunately, every trick failed. 

McCabe drowned in that accident and died. His lungs and physique were filled up with water and he took his last breath in his father’s arms. 

 Lawsuit for Water Wiggle Death

After Jon Christopher McCabe’s death, a lawsuit was filed for $1 million in direction of Wham-O. The parents asked for more than $1 million for the damages and licensed prices. All the people working for the manufacturer of water wiggle agreed that the toy is dangerous for kids. Joey, Jon’s brother, who was ten years old at the time of the trial, came forward in the courtroom and spoke against it. He saw his younger brother struggling for his survival in front of everyone and wanted to observe the ultimate time when he last saw him alive. 

However, Jon McCabe’s death was not the only time when water wiggle was involved in the legislation. In 1975, a three years old toddler named Marcus Maloney also died due to water wiggle. However, the case got closed after a lawsuit and the family received a monetary settlement. 

Approximately 85,000 various fashions of water wiggles were despatched after the incident. On 13th April 1978, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission put a ban on the sale of water wiggles, leading to water wiggle death. 

In 1986, Wham-O tried to build up its success again after launching a safer mannequin of Water Wiggle, but it didn’t receive the same response as before. The official site of the agency doesn’t communicate with the public in relation to toys anymore.

Toys are frequently used for entertainment and amusement purposes for the kids. Parents find playing with other kids safer for their children. However, a toy is the last option, which is risky enough for their kids to play with. Smaller toys such as legos have been discovered as dangerous for the kids in the absence of their parents. The case of choking death is also common among toddlers, but the involvement of water wiggles made it worse. 

The ban on water wiggles is a great decision taken by the government, as it might have led to more deaths after its sale.

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