Amy Yasbeck and John Ritter’s only child is Stella Ritter. Stella began acting at the age of nine, then at the age of 18, she decided to become Noah Lee Ritter and changed her gender.

Early life, Education, Family

This is Stella Ritter’s first birthday. Stella Ritter was born on 9-11-98 in Burbank CA. Stella’s father, actor John Ritter, died from an aortic dissection on the day of her fifth birthday, six days before his 55th and one day before her mother Amy Yasbeck’s 41st. During a rehearsal for “8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter,” the actor suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the hospital, where he died during surgery.

Stella has two half-brothers and a half-sister, all of whom work in the entertainment industry, from his former marriage to actress Nancy Morgan, with whom he had three children. In 2008, Stella’s bereaved mother and siblings sued the hospital where he was being treated before he died because the aortic dissection had not been identified before his death.

The doctors who thought he was having a heart attack were put on trial, but a settlement was reached in some of the cases. They were acquitted of any wrongdoing by the jury. Santa Monica, California, is where Stella graduated from high school. Because she doesn’t want to be in the spotlight, no one knows if she has gone on to a university to further her education.

Stella Ritter Family Background

When Stella’s parents appeared in the 1990 film “Problem Child,” they first met. In the following year, “Problem Child 2” was filmed, and the two collaborated on several other projects. After Stella was born in 1999, Amy and John got married. John Ritter was nominated for several awards, but he was honored with Emmy and Golden Globe honors in 1984 for his performance in “Three’s Company.”


Jason Ritter and Tyler Ritter, his children from his first marriage, are both performers, as is Carly Ritter, his daughter. As a result, his entire family is carrying on his love of show business. Tex Ritter, a famous actor, and country music singer, and his wife Dorothy Fay, a famous Western movie actress, are Stella’s father’s grandparents. Just a few weeks after John Ritter’s death, Amy Yasbeck started “The John Ritter Foundation” to raise awareness of the thoracic aortic disease.

A large part of the foundation’s mission is to aid in education, research, and other forms of assistance. On “The Larry King Show” in 2008, Amy discussed the signs and symptoms of her illness as well as possible treatments. Thoracic Aortic Disease Coalition and the Foundation established “Ritter Rules” in 2010 to aid in early detection and prevention. In addition, the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston founded the John Ritter Research Program.

With Love and Laughter: John Ritter” was written by Amy in 2010 as a tribute to John. For Access Hollywood, Amy was asked if Stella remembered her father, and she replied, “she has fantastic memories of John.” When I think back to what he said and did, Stella has a type of insane photographic memory. ‘I have, you know, a John Ritter-shaped hole in my heart,’ she added when asked about the book. That cannot be replaced by anyone.’

Stella Ritter Career

In 2007, Stella Ritter made her film debut in “This Is My Friend,” playing a supporting part. After starring in “The Namazu” in 2012, she participated in the short film “Hannah Lost Her Smile” the following year. In addition to her acting career, the child actress has worked as a composer. However, the child actor took a hiatus from performing after deciding to begin gender reassignment in 2016.

Stella Ritter Gender Transformation

During high school, Stella chose to change her gender, thus she began the process of metamorphosis at the age of 18. Her mother and siblings helped her through the process of renaming herself Noah Lee Ritter, and she now lives as a man.

Stella Ritter
Stella Ritter

The facial hair on Stella’s face started to grow when she started hormone therapy. A close family acquaintance was cited in the media as a source for the news. ‘I’m sure John would have approved of whatever Stella decides to do,’ says John. The source said, ‘He was very in love with her.’

Stella Ritter Net Worth

Noah Lee Ritter is estimated to have a net worth of around $200,000. John’s net worth was assessed at $20 million at the time of his father’s death, and the family received $14 million in settlements as well. By the year 2020, Amy Yasbeck is expected to have a fortune of $12 million. She sold her Beverly Hills mansion, where she had been living with John, for $6,5 million a few years back.

Social Media

His social media profiles were all turned to private when he assumed the name, Noah Ritter. He may be trying to shield himself from criticism now that the news has gone public.

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