Riot Reverts LATEST Sova Animations In Valorant After Community Outrage


Valorant is an immensely popular first-person shooter game launched on April 7, 2020. Developed and published shed by Riot Games, the game is inspired by another popular game Counter-Strike. The game become fully accessible to the public on June 2, 2020. The game has created several fans.

However, due to recent changes by Riot Games, the fan club of the game got furious. Let’s find out what step of Riot Games has made the club so furious. 

Riots Sova Animations In Valorant

Recently, the developer of the game, Riots introduced the new animations in the upcoming Season Four of Act Three patch and nerfs to Sova. These changes sparked outrage in the VALORANT community, which Riot acknowledged on Twitter. The developer announced the changes around 1 day ago. Since then, the internet has been flooding with the outrageous comments of the fans.

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The reason for the outrage of the fans is the disturbance in the Sova lineup. The newly introduced animations have totally disturbed the Sova Lineup, and clearly, the fans are not taking it well. 

Riots Reverted Sova Animations In Valorant

After the community expressed concern about the effects of the Sova lineup, Riot Games have taken the smart decision of retracting all the announced changes. The Riot has to give affirmation to the fans on Twitter to retract the animation changes. However, a few changes that are not animation will take place in the upcoming game. With Patch 4.08, Roits will remove all the animation changes.


However, Sova is now only receiving nerfs to his Shock Dart and Drone, but not the new animations that will change Sofa’s lineup. If you have played the game you must know that Sova was one of the first players to get VALORANT. Players have used his ability to bounce his usefulness off services to take the game to new heights, since then.

Players have devised methods to shoot his Recon Bolt to land in unexpectedly clear areas of the battlefield, and they have altered it such that his Shock Dart may be shot or rebounded to damage opponents or enemy utilities in unexpected locations. Riot recognized the enormous hours that had been invested in Sova lineups and felt that deleting it for a few extra animations was not worth it.

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