The Nilsen: Will It Ever Going To Happen?


BBC is going to be airing a docuseries about one of the most famous serial killers of all time, Dennis Nilson, in The Nilsen Files.

The Nilsen Files examines the investigation carried out by the police and gives the victims a voice. It will reveal more about the six young men who were murdered by Dennis and how prejudice played a role in Dennis being caught late. 

The Nilsen Files is going to be an exciting take on the heinous crimes committed by the scottish serial killer. The docuseries will be released very soon so, here is everything you need to know about it.

The Nilsen Files Release Date

The Nilsen Files is ready to be aired and viewed by the public. The three-part docuseries will be airing with its first episode on BBC Two on Monday, January 24, 2022. The other two episodes will air after that every week on Monday.

However, if you can’t wait for the episodes to air weekly, you can binge-watch the series on BBC iPlayer. Here all three episodes will be released on January 24, 2022.

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The Nilsen Files Plot

The Nilsen Files takes another look at the crimes committed by a serial killer, Dennis Nilsen. Nilsen was found guilty in 1983 of killing 6 young men. The filmmaker Michael Ogden plans to reveal the victims’ stories through the docuseries as their identities and stories have often been disregarded.

In the series, viewers will get to know more about the young men who were killed and disfigured by Nilsen. They will get to know in which phase of life were the victims and why their disappearance was overlooked by the police. After all, if the police had begun tracking the initial disappearances, the rest of the murders could have been prevented. 

The series will be a fresh take into the Dennis Nilsen case. As previously all shows have given him a voice but none have given the victims’ of his heinous act a voice. The BBC documentary, The Nilsen Files, will allow viewers to know more about the victims and their stories.

The Nilsen
The Nilsen


A trailer for The Nilsen Files has been released by BBC. But, it is only 30 seconds long. In the series, a narrator speaks. He says, “This was a monstrous series of screw-ups… All those lives could have been saved.”

The narrator’s these sentences highlight how the society at that time was homophobic and hardly gave any importance to the men whose lives were lost due to Dennis Nelson. It is only because of their homophobia and class difference that allowed Dennis goes unnoticed and continues to murder men one after another.

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The Nilsen Files Episodes

The episode count for the series has been revealed.  Each episode will be an hour long.

The first episode will show Nilsen being caught and his crimes being unveiled. It highlights the victims of his killing spree as well.

An official synopsis for this episode says:

“As Nilsen’s crimes are discovered, the truth about his victims reveals prejudice and multiple missed opportunities to catch a murderous predator.”

The second episode tells about how Nilsen could have been caught much earlier. And lives of people could have been saved.

The synopsis for this episode says:

“Examining Nilsen’s high-stakes trial and the dramatic emergence of witnesses to his crimes. The cases of survivors reveal how chances to catch Nilsen years earlier were missed.”

The third and final part of the documentary tells about how the public and media react to Nilson’s crimes after he has been sentenced.


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