Anna Kendrick and Snoop Dogg’s ‘pitch Perfect’ Holiday Remix Becomes Viral

The remix of a holiday song is all in flames on the Tick Tock. Anna Kendrick’s collaboration with Snoop Dogg for Pitch Perfect 2, has created a sensation over the internet. The duo has created a snappy and stunning remix of ‘Here Comes Santa Claus and Winter Wonderland’ the vacation oldies but goodies.

Well, we hope you remember “The cup Song” which inspired the audience so much that many of them learned the tough tapping moment. The same is the case with the movie song. However, it is not the movie alone. The trend also inspires the creator of the song.

The duo took the inspiration from a clip in the Pitch Perfect 2 movie where Kendrick’s character Beca showcased her musical skill by jazzing up Snoop Dogg’s song “Walking In A Winter Wonderland.”

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The audience just went crazy after the release of the song. Snoop just showed his happiness by hopping into the studio and singing the song ‘Here Comes Santa Claus,”. He further added electronic drum beats to make the remix more entertaining.

Reviews on Anna Kendrick’s Song

Well, the audience had showered their love over the original song earlier. The audience has given its love to the remix as well. The song has earned more than 500,000 views on its video clip. Innumerable fans were amazed to learn that Snoop could sing fantastically.

pitch perfect

Few fans of the OG Barden have also demanded a Pitch Perfect Christmas album from him.

Initially, the Mash-up Was Not Supposed for the Movie

Some fans are pretty upset that the song could not become a full-fledged song. However, despite that, the song has become one of the most popular songs on Instagram. Kendrick revealed that the soundtrack was not initially created for the film. However, finally, it has ended so.

He further shared that the singing in the movie has given him a new kind of confidence. He never thought that he would sing sometime in the movie. He said-

“I had not sung in a movie at the time,” Kendrick told Vanity Fair. “So all I needed was some proof that I could sing.” And I actually brought a cup with me and thought to myself, “I can make this as stupid as the cup.” Then they inserted it into the film.”

 If you have not watched it yet, just check it out here

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