Elden Ring: Everything We Know About the Game So far!

Finally, some good news for hardcore gamers, because it’s time to polish your Xbox controllers, as we have a surprise for you! An action role-playing game Elden Ring is set to release soon. 

The game is a direct collaboration between the renowned game director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, and George R. R. Martin. FromSoftware is behind the development of Elden Ring, whereas Bandai Namco Entertainment is publishing it; rumors suggest that the game is to deviate from the usual punishing theme of FromSoftware games. During an interview, Miyazaki stated that he hoped to make this game more welcoming, especially the newcomers.

Bandai Namco Entertainment released a trailer for the patient fans awaiting the game’s launch to build hype.

Elden Ring: When is the release date?

Lucky for us that the official release date is out. And we don’t have to wait too long because the game will launch on January the 21st, 2022, on supporting platforms of Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Edlen Ring Trailer What is it about?

After waiting for all of 2020, finally, a trailer arrived on YouTube on June the 10th, 2021, the first to come out since the E3 reveal in 2019. And it absolutely blew our minds away! A three-minute action-packed trailer that confirms that the gaming style is going to be as of Souls. It includes many series staples as well. 

In addition, a great deal of gameplay shows off the stunning graphics and action. While we can see the storyline leaks, the trailer has finally cleared up the air that the game is actually coming out. If you want to watch the trailer, you can see it here!

Elden Ring What is the game about?

The game is set in the realm of Land Between, in a time where the destruction of the Elden Ring has occurred and its shards, the Great Runes, have scattered throughout the land. The Ring and the Erdtree once graced the realm, and the current rulers are the demigod offspring of Queen Marika, the Eternal. Each of the demigods owns a shard that corrupts them. The player is a Tarnish (an exile from Land Between who has lost the grace of the Ring), summoned after the Elden Ring’s shattering. They must find all the Great Runes to forge the Elden Ring and become the Elden Lord. 

The gameplay itself is in the third-person perspective, and the gameplay, like its predecessor, the Soul Series, emphasizes combat and exploration. It is set as an open world with six different areas to explore. Plus, it offers Co-op for up to four players. A relatively new feature in this game is that the player can jump and fight while on horseback.

What did the director say about it?

Here are several quotes from Miyazaki (the director) which will help you to understand the game better:

“A major part of this title reflects the number of choices you have available when in combat. Therefore, while you can choose to go in for a head-on, you also have several alternate elements, like being able to summon the spirits of the deceased enemies and use them as your allies in battles. This way, you have a higher number of elements that let you approach different situations with a high level of freedom.”

“There are several ways of how you can approach combat and a vast range of abilities that you can acquire. 

He further added that “We wanted to allow the player to combine these different elements and define their own strategy.  We even want them to take indirect approaches to combat if they want to.”

Well, this certainly makes the wait harder. This brings us to our final question.

So, sit tight, guys! Because we only have to wait a few more months, then we’ll be in the gaming paradise!

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