Does steve die in Stranger Things Season 4: Is joe Keery leaving Stranger Things

The latest teaser of Stranger Things Season 4 raised concerns over the future of Joe Keery, who played the role of Steve Harrington in the show. 

Stranger Things season 4 is one of the most anticipated seasons of 2021. However, the new sneak peeks of Stranger Things season 4 have confirmed its arrival in 2022. It has been a long waiting period for fans. But whom to blame? The delay is due to the global pandemic of coronavirus. But, Netflix released teasers and trailers and teasers from time and again to engage the fans. And fans could not stop themself from flooding the internet with the theories after every clip. 

The same happened after the release of the new Netflix sneak peek on 6 August 2021.  The latest 30-sec clip gives us a glimpse of our favorite characters. Fans have speculated several things from the sort but the power-packed clip. Out of those, the most controversial thing is the fate of Steve in the upcoming season. 

There is a buzz around the internet that Keey’s character Steve will die in the upcoming season. There are rumors that Joe Kelly will leave the show. Is it really true? Well, let’s find out the reality together.

Will Steve die in Stranger Things season 4?

The clip depicts Steve underwater, having a torch in his hand and looking for something there. However, the scene vanished in the blink of an eye. After watching the scene, fans are worried about Steve as he looks gloomy in it. Well, it was a one-second scene. So, it is not clear whether he is going to die or not in season 4 yet. We have witnessed numerous killings in the show so far. However, all the main characters are safe. 

But only showrunners know the future. Season 4 might include some killings, which may comprise Steve as well.

Well, we have to wait for Stranger thing season 4 to find out the reality.

Trailer of Stranger Things season 4 trailer?

Before commenting anything, you need to watch the newly released Stranger Things season 4 trailer here.

We got a glimpse of struggling Eleven, who was trying to free himself from the two-man. On the other hand, Max, Robin, Dustin, Nancy, Lucas, and Steeve are on a mission. The group looks startled and amazed and looking for something. However, few members are missing from the Eleven gang. We did not come across Mike and Will. Where are they? Well, we might meet them in another clip.

Well, let’s back to this clip for now. As I stated above, let’s talk about the most talked part of the clip. In the second half of the clip, Steve is underwater and struggling to breathe. The scene concerned the fans about the future of Steve in the show. What does it reflect? Let us find out.

Is Joe Keery leaving Stranger Things?

The showrunners have not commented about Joe Keery leaving Stranger Things so far. Moreover, Joe Keery is silent as well. However, it is confirmed he will be part of Stranger Things season 4 by watching the trailer. So fans, you can rest at peace, at least for the next season. We will see him in the next season helping the Eleven gang.

So chill, Folks! and stay tuned for the latest updates.

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