Two Teenagers Die In A Rollover Accident In North Port; The Car Ends Up In A Retention Pond

Around 10:20 p.m., there was a deadly rollover accident on Sumter Boulevard in North Port, which claimed the lives of two youngsters. Wednesday.

A press release issued by the North Port Police Department stated that the findings of the investigation into the incident showed that a black Honda Accord model year 2010 was going north on Sumter Boulevard at the time it entered the curve at a high rate of speed.

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According to the announcement, “the vehicle became slippery after losing traction and sliding.” The truck then leaped off the railing of the bridge, sending it airborne before coming to rest on its roof in the pond.

The pond may be found directly to the north of Lorri Circle. The off-duty officer from the North Port Police Department heard the accident from his home and, along with members of the North Port Fire Department, entered the water to investigate.

The driver, who was 17 years old, and the passenger, who was 16 years old, could not be extracted from the vehicle despite everyone’s best efforts.

Both of the adolescents had their seatbelts on at all times. In that particular area, the maximum allowed speed is 45 miles per hour.

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Talon Towing and Transport was able to respond swiftly to the situation and successfully retrieve the vehicle from the median retention pond.

At 10:52 p.m., the two adolescents’ bodies were discovered by emergency personnel and pronounced dead at the scene. Even though the victims’ next of kin have been notified, the names of the two people who were killed have not been made public. This is in part because there is still an active and ongoing investigation being conducted by the authorities.

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