Two Beauty Queens, Miss Puerto Rico And Miss Argentina, Say They Are Married In Secret

Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Argentina, two winners of beauty pageants, secretly wed on Friday after coming out as lovers.

Fabiola Valentn, of Puerto Rico, and Mariana Varela, of Argentina, newlyweds, wrote in a combined Instagram post: “After deciding to keep our relationship private, we opened the doors to them on a special day, 28/10/22.”

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The 30-second video upload also features the couple’s engagement ring and photographs of them vacationing together.

Following the announcement, several beauty queens congratulated the ladies and offered their support. The couple met while competing in the pageant, according to Abena Appiah, the Miss Grand International winner in 2020, who mentioned it in her response.

Valentn was chosen for the Top 10 of Miss Grand International 2020 after finishing in the Top 3 for the 2019 Miss Universe Puerto Rico pageant. Varela reached the Top 10 that year as well.

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In response to the supportive comments on her post, Valentn wrote a message on her Instagram stories that stated, “It’s very pleasant to read each message. We appreciate your kind compliments and well wishes.”

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