The People Of Colorado Springs Mourn The People Who Were Killed In The Club Q Shooting: “We Are All Shocked And Sad”

Denver Springs, Colorado The Colorado Springs strip mall that has long served as Club Q’s home shone with the flicker of candles and the flashes of TV cameras as the sun sank over the Front Range of Colorado on Sunday night. Outside the gay and lesbian bar, a makeshift monument of cellophane-wrapped flowers and handwritten inscriptions has been progressively expanding since early Sunday. Couples walking hand in hand and parents trudging along with babies covered in fleece blankets could be seen there.

Authorities reported that a 22-year-old shooter opened fire inside the Colorado Springs nightclub on Saturday night with a semiautomatic weapon, killing five people and injuring 25 others. Authorities reported that out of the 25 injured, at least seven were in critical condition. A police official claimed that it was unclear whether all of the victims had been shot, and others had been harmed while attempting to run. He was allegedly later restrained by “heroic” customers before being quickly apprehended by police.

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As members of Colorado Springs’ LGBTQ+ community, Shianna Ray and Kassidy Butterfass, both 27, said they wanted to visit Club Q on Sunday night to show their support. When that happens, the pair has been awake for about 12 hours due to a rush of calls and texts. Ray, a regular at Club Q and a former go-go dancer there, claimed to know two clubgoers who were present when the shooting took place. They both got through it. Butterfass claimed that when word of the incident spread, only the question “Why” entered her thoughts.

‘Makes Me Feel Angry Along With Sadness’

Terry Miles, a former resident of Colorado Springs, also visited Club Q on Sunday evening and placed one of the few bouquets of flowers she could locate at a nearby Trader Joe’s on the memorial’s rising mound. Simply put, I’m at a loss for words at the moment. Just feelings,” stated Miles. Joseph Reininger, a Colorado Springs resident since 1972, was one of the mourners who paid a visit to the impromptu monument near the location of the attack. He said he brought flowers because he supports the LGBTQ-plus community.

“I go to the Q for the drag shows, and they are nice folks. I adore them,” Reininger declared. “I feel both sorry and enraged about it (shooting),” he remarked. “Even though it hasn’t been confirmed yet, I’m confident that mainstream conservative Christianity played a role in this. Colorado Springs, a conservative community, is kind of a hub for that. Despite changes over time, there is still more work to be done.

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Michael Travis, who was dressed as a state of Texas police chaplain, arrived at the scene and played the trumpet for “Taps.” Travis added, “We all experience shock and loss, so I came out to console everyone.” Travis stated that he frequently frequents Club Q and that it “is an amazing club that makes it safe for everyone in the LGBTQ-plus community. It served as a home for everyone and a location where you could escape from work.


  • Who Shot At People In Colorado?

He said that the suspect is likely to be charged with murder in the first degree. The shooter was identified by police as Anderson Lee Aldrich. He was in custody and getting medical care for his wounds. This window is modal.

  • Who Shot Up The Colorado Nightclub?

Police said at a press conference on Sunday that Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, is the person they think shot and killed five people and hurt 18 others at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs overnight.

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